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Thread: Concealed carry wins....

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    Concealed carry wins....

    The outcome was good, this time... LOTS could have gone wrong here though.
    to those who

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    Aurora would have a different outcome last night if we had a couple of legally permitted people packing heat.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke

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    According to the news, the Prosecutor in that FL. county wants to prosecute the old man because he continued to shoot at the fleeing robbers after they got out the door . .

    My thought on that was, according to the video, the one guy with a gun still had it, so he was still dangerous as long as you could see him . .

    Lesson to be learned here? Carry a real pistol (9mm or better) instead of a .22 or .25 . . And learn to shoot it better!

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    That lil punk a$$ crybaby! Crying about the old man shooting at him while he was down. Dumba$$ ! That;s what you get for robbing people!

    If more people carried concealed , and stood up like this, these punks would take notice and most likely simmer down. I applaud the man.

    Oh,the article said it was a .380. It looks like the .380 keltec I carry daily in the pics. Thosee are gut guns. Anything past 25 feet and youd be very lucky to hit a target. I need a better carry pistol :wink:
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