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Thread: Jennifer woodland Scam from uk

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    Jennifer woodland Scam from uk

    Helo mate,I have just made the payments now and i expect paypal to have emailed by now,check your paypal email address if you have been messaged yet, i sent $5,050 in all including the paypal charges, paypal said they would be holding the funds because of the excess payments of $750 added meant for pick up commission fee and due to the fact that i emailed them about the excess payment i made, until they get the western union information from you,this is being delivered to my Dad in NZ, i will need you to send the $950 to my pick up agent Headquarters via western union money transfer(this can be done first thing tomorrow morning from the post office, as they usually have a western union agent there) or do it via western union online , i added extra $100 to cover the western union charges which shouldn't be more that $20-30 but just to be sure i added $100, Here is my pick up agent Headquarter info needed to get the money sent through western union money transfer:

    Bradley Allan,
    33 copperfield street, London,W1W 7SA.

    Please kindly email the necessary details to paypal :the mtcn which you will be given at the western union after the $950 has been sent as well as the sender's name and address used to send the money through western union, so that i can forward it to paypal or better still you can email it to paypal directly,that is fine with me as well for the money i sent to be credited into your account after they might have receive the information they needed to release the whole money in your account. I will need your address where it will be picked up,and my pickup agent will contact you after they have received the payments in order to book a time for the pick up to be done.



    On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 8:59 AM, jennifer woodland <[email protected]> wrote:

    Hello mate, I was just about to make the payment when i had this little problem with the picking up,I got an email from my agent..i taught i included that in my previous email.he said he won't come and pick up the item unless i pay him the agent commission fee first in order to be able to schedule a pick up time ,and my pick up agent head quarters is in the United Kingdom and all commission payments made for pick up, from anywhere in the world is sent to their head quarters in the UK and the only form of payments they accept is western union money transfer and i tried to pay online but i will need a credit card which i didn't bring along, and there is no post office(there is usually a western union section in most post offices) or any western union agent offshore! so i have to ask you to help me with the pick up fees, i will include the $950 they charged to pick it up and take it my home(1st class treatment), to the payments i will send through paypal. After i have made the payments and it has been confirmed by paypal, i will need you to help me send the $950 to my pick up agent through western union money transfer, the western union money transfer can be made at a post office near to you,there is always a western union agent in most post offices or online at .I will be making the payments shortly and will email you as soon as it has been done..


    On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 11:53 PM, jennifer woodland <[email protected]> wrote:

    Thanks for the swift response and do as well advise on the least amount you will like to give it away as i am buying this for Dad and due to the nature of my job and location...i will not be able to come for inspection,am a very busy type as i work long hours everyday,i have gone through your advertisement and i am satisfied with it.

    As for the payment..i can only pay via the fastest and secure way to pay online(PayPal) here.

    I have a private courier agent that will come for the pick up after the payment have been made no shipping included and With the issue of my details,transferring the name of ownership and signing of all paperwork will be done by the courier services company agent so you don't have to worry about that.

    You can now send me your PayPal email so i can pay in right away and also include your address in your reply.If you don't have a paypal account, you can easily set up one...log on to and sign up its very easy... i would have loved to talk to you on phone but i work mainly offshore, our phone is down on the rig right now due to bad weather, that was why i sent you a text, i even wonder how my message deliver to your phone but for now we can only communicate through the same mailing channel.await your reply asap.



    Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 21:21:30 -0400
    Subject: 72 mustang
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    yes its still for sale or trade.

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    they want me to pay for the shipping but they wont send me the money for the car till i send the money to the shipping company. Its just a big ole scam trying to get money through western union

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    If they can get away with it then good for them.
    If anybody is a dipshit enough to send money to the UK then bad for you!

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    Man that is the oldest scam in the book, Never ever send money via Western union, Chalk this as Gone :!: :!:

    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    Piss on all those boring ass english people let them keep their lame ass cars we should keep our american muscle here :x

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