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Thread: SCAMMED by Nick James Claborn, AKA, Gaolie1 and Rocketmans'

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    SCAMMED by Nick James Claborn, AKA, Gaolie1 and Rocketmans'

    I was SCAMMED by Nick James Claborn, AKA, Gaolie1 and Rocketmansí from Montecello, KY. I traded an S-10 turnkey 406 for a 69 camaro. The add said it had a power glide transmission and it DID NOT. It said it had a PTC converted and it DID NOT. He said all four tires were new and they WERE NOT. I was to receive lexan glass, motor plates, fuel pump, headers, and interior for the car and I DID NOT. I also traded an enclosed 26 foot Premier trailer with lots of extras, nice finished golf cart, expensive jewelry, and over a pound of genuine turquoise stones for what he said was a $26,000.00, 18 degree 445 all aluminum SBC motor with all the best parts. When I got it home and my engine builder tore it apart, it WAS NOT an 18 degree motor and the block was broken. Most of the parts are not identifiable, which means they are junk and the seller lied.

    Itís been over nine months and I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING except lie after lie after lie. I've been in constant contact with this seller and have been lied to more times than I can count. He would set up meeting times and places and NEVER SHOW UP or contact you. He agreed to resolve the issue by offering me two different motors on two different occasions and a trailer, but I got NOTHING AGAIN.

    This person misleads his buyers by not being truthful about his items. His descriptions are fabricated and you cannot count on the item being all that he says it is. This is a fact because he lied on the advertisement for the sale of my S-10. He said it had a 415 SBC motor with a Brut power glide transmission and a PTC converter and it DID NOT. I WOULD NOT TRUST this individual to be honest about any transactions he is part of. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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    Well he got another one :!: There are threads on here about this crook :!: Sorry to say but i wish you cam here first :!:

    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    nicks last free days walking the streets of albany

    how about everyone on racing junk that has been screwed by this guy get together at a set time . build a time on 15 min intervals and call the albany county procescuters office and get his town looking at this crap. he has already filled bankruptcy so he can't do it for another 7 years that means all of these case will start pileing up. It's time for these guy's that steal from hard working people get a taste of there own S--T

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    nick claybourne

    time to step up nick/james

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    the chickens got lose , the cats out of the bag & the shits about to hit the fan !!!!!!!

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    If anyone EVER gets their hands on him give him an extra couple of punches for me too....someday his running luck and SCREWING EVERYONE is going to run out....what ever he puts on his ADs think about the oppsite...

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    nick claybourne

    The problem with dealing with people on the internet is you have to go back in time when peoples word ment something.But in this day an age you have lying do good peices of shit like nike clayboure of albany/montecello kentucky who's word is not worth a shit.But on the other hand you also do not know who you are screwing and what they can do or if they have the resourses to have you thrown under the jail or in this case under the federal jail.I have personally talked to a lot of peolple in his area when you bring up his name they all say the same thing DO NOT TRUST HIM HE'S A LYIER . This is from people in his life his best freind that runs the radio station,the local engine shop,his ex-boss who fired him for steeling and lying.this asshole forged the name on a title and had his stupid ass wife notorize it .which leads us to the last thing as of this morning he was on his way with the trailer one of the things he screwed the guy out of on his scam but once again it was just another bullshit story.It's time this guy was shut down I'm calling out the moderators of this site. If someone has serveral user names and have this many people stating they have been screwed by this guy don't you thing it's about time you guy's cut this guy off and turn over this info to the police .The FBI has a cyber crimes division this asshole is the perfect canadate and nick you know my name and number call me PLEASE.

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    I agree, racing junk should do something about making sure nick (james) claborn no longer gets to benefit from this website. It's obvious he does nothing but lie, cheat, and steel from everyone he's done business with and I cannot believe racing junk would continue to support his activity. I want to see this man lose at least as much as he has taken. I think jail time would be good for him...

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    nick claybourne

    tic tock

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