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Thread: White House Issues Imaginative Executive Order

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    White House Issues Imaginative Executive Order

    March 17th, 2012

    Of course nothing bad could ever happen to America, so this is just one more precaution which was not really necessary, and will of course never be put into practice in America. But our President feels that - just in case! – he should have the power to take over everything from your hobby-shop tool chest to your pick-up truck if we were to fall prey to -perish the thought! - an “emergency”.

    The NDAA 2012, coming a decade after the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001, did not really send a strong enough message. To back it up, President Obama has signed a new Executive Order with imaginative ambitions to confiscate the service and use of anything anyone owns, including our farms, personal vehicles, local utilities, warehouses, private airplanes or private air ports – anything, everything. This man knows how to play God. Here is the proof -
    Please see this Executive Order at the White House website:

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    Oh Yeah, that sh*t has already started . . I (and my wife) "Splurged" and got new cell phones last week . .

    And in the plethora of papers, warnings and instructions was a little fold out with magical "New Features" . .

    They are called "Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS)" . . and there are three (3) types of "Emergency alerts" . .


    *Imminent (Severe or Extreme) ? . . Question mark, mine. . .

    *AMBER Alerts (Missing Person Alert)

    and it says you can choose not to receive Imminent Alerts or AMBER Alerts, but Presidential Alerts cannot be disabled.

    In other words . . That sh*t has already started . .

    And . . .

    Were YOU asked? I sure as Hell wasn't . . .

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    i use a old track phone from wal mart.loli dont have nothing on it but a camera. so screw the im praying for another dallas.

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