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Thread: any feedback on user: zzz0nd61

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    any feedback on user: zzz0nd61

    anybody ever dealt with this user? I plan on purchasing chassis car this week and it will be a bill of sale only for cash. He mentioned not wanting the sale amount mentioned on the bill of sale? I thought the buyer would be the only one concerned with sale price because of taxes? any thoughts or info would be great!

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    the seller has to pay taxes on a sell alot of the times 8)

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    any feedback

    Maybe you beat him down so far, he doesn't want any of his buddies to know?

    If it is cash money, I doubt there are any tax consequences.

    Do you have all parts and condition of them in writting signed by the seller and notorized?

    The bill of sale needs to be specific also to give you any hope of recourse should you need it. Like if it turns out the car has stolen parts on it when you purchase it.

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    Thanks for the info guys!

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    have him write the bill of sale . no amount . Thats the price of the sale and the amount of cash you hand over

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    Think about it.

    You didnt mention if he was a business. He is probably not incorporated but could be classed as a sole proprietor; if so he is likely claiming his expenses as a tax deduction with his 1040 filing. Why wouldn't he want a bill of sale?

    He is trying to maximize his tax write-offs and a Bill-of-sale with the sale amount you agreed upon reduces his tax write-off. He wants little income and much expense.

    Lively, on track as usual. This is the only reasonable reason i could think of.

    Do what you want with the bill of sale, but if it were me I would make sure everything was in order including the paper trail. Too much nonsense goes on these days and people will screw you for a nickle it seems.

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    a good reason is ... if not what its claimed to be ...... how much can be recoverd if went to court ? sold for [ due consideration ] buyer could have taken the car off his hands for free , just to get rid of the car

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