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Thread: Mark Anthony Huelskamp using smokin72 maryland heights,mo.

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    Mark Anthony Huelskamp using smokin72 maryland heights,mo.

    I bought a powerglide and a converter from him back may 28 2011 before I knew about these forums. He was suppose to meet me several times with it. He always has a good excuse for not showing up. This week he quit answering the phone and would not return my calls until i text him saying " I was going to turn it over to the D.A.'s office". He called this evening to tell me I wouldn't get a damn thing from him and he was going to whip my ass. I found the whipping ass part funny since he never shows up anywhere and if he does i'm sure he has to hide like a little fat bitch considering all the stuff i've read about him today. I wonder how a man like this is not in jail! He also uses badass68 and 2fast4u out of o'fallon,mo. I talked to someone at racing junk's office today. The only user name that is kicked off is borninusa. I hope everyone reads this before buying from him. If anyone has any doubt in what i'm saying call me (918)453-8200 . Oh yeah his nickname in st.louis area is LIAR LIAR

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    Sorry you didn't hear about the forums sooner.

    I guess I don't understand, if you were going to meet him to pick it up why not wait to pay him then :?:

    Do you still have an ad # that he can be contacted at? We could put some pressure on him wether it would do any good. This isn't him first go around.

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    Your right ''Mike'' this isn't his first time on here :!: By his track record i would say that you have been ripped off :!:
    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    you were going to MEET him ?

    What was the need for prior payment ? cash for trans at the meeting place .

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    mark huelskamp

    hi , my name is alex santibanez , iem the person that got mark huelskamp thrown out of racingjunk, iem the only person that took the time and money to take this scum bag coward to court , it took me 3 years to finally get justice ,, we went to court and i won, well no not really , the judge awarded me $23,000 dollars ..i havent seen a penny of it, and its already been two years since i was awarded the money . as far as i can see the judge and the system is a partner in crime with this scumbag.....i have put all of this behind me , i dont think about it or let it waste my time much, even when i was taking him to court , i sort of made up my mind to block it and just let the system do its slow crawl to court. mark huelskamp will probably never be taken down by the court, this coward will have his day some day. he will screw the wrong person, and will end up in a ditch somewhere.not by me , because i have moral principels and value my freedom too much. anyways if any of you out there are being judgemental, about why anybody would send this guy money , why this and that , well i can tell you that most good honest people , trust people , and get sucked in by a scumbag like mark huelskamp,,so everything that people are saying about him , ITS TRUE , HE IS A SCUM BAG , A COWARD,,,BELIEVE ME, IVE SAT ACROSS HIM AT THE SAME TABLE AND LOOKED AT HIM IN THE EYES , HE IS A COMPLETE COWARD!!!! AND FOR THAT GUY THAT RECENTLY BOUGHT THAT 864 MOUNTAIN MOTOR FROM MARK HUELSKAMP AND TURNED OUT TO BE A WORN OUT 706 BBC , PM ME THRU HERE , IF I CAN BE OF ANY SERVICE TO YOU , I WILL, THANKS

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    If you have a civil judgement on him, it's up to you to enforce it..if he has not gone bankrupt on it.....get in contact with a good colection agency or colections atourney that will take your case on percentage. most are 50/50....dont lay down and wait!!

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    mark huelskamp

    hi, yes thank you, the attorney that took case to trial and got me the 23k award , also looked into getting my money. but mark huelskamp , legally has nothing he owns under his name..... you guys need to understand that this scumbag is a professional theif , in court it was disclosed that he has over 33 lawsuits against him... i didnt give up on getting my money , i just cant get anything under the law......IT SUCKS , BUT , THATS THE WAY IT IS...and sadly , he knows this , that is why he does what he does..thanks for your feedback...

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    I paid him for it because I took his word it was what he was selling. And he was going to send it with another guy to Tulsa's dragstrip for me to meet. So of course that didn't work out and then he was suppose to meet me at Ozark raceway. From there is when the lies started. He even told me he didn't need my money and he owned his own business. So I figured he was one of those guys that had done well for himself. He has a 68 promod camaro that he says has a 894 fulton motor in it. So I really didn't think he would beat me out of 2800.00. Lesson learned! If you ever talked to this guy about something you were interested in you would understand how we all got in this mess with him. What I don't understand is why he's not in jail. I've had at least 8 people call me since i've ran ads about him. He is still selling stuff on here now ad #s are: 2413019

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    I could set here all day and type the lies this man has told. The reason he gets away with this and can still go to race tracks is because his name is on nothing. He don't drive the car and the one time he did he got scared and pulled the chutes at the starting line. This was at Ozark raceway. The only time he showed up and without the tranny. The only reason I found who he was is through other racers that knew I bought a tranny from him. His toter and trailer are registered out of Montana. The couple of guys I know of that have drove his car are not from st.Louis area so nothing would even make you suspect that he was even there. I think the guy driving for him now is from Tennessee. I'm sure these guys driving for him don't know what kind of person they are dealing with.

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    mark huelskamp

    any news on the scum-bag mark huelskamp ???? :lol:

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