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Thread: decoding a 1978 camaro to tell if it is a real z28?

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    decoding a 1978 camaro to tell if it is a real z28?

    i am looking at 1978 z28,,vin#1Q87L8L******, how can ya tell if it is a z28? thanks
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    this what i found so far
    Vehicle Identification Number Example: 1Q87L2L100000
    First Digit Division: 1=General Motors
    Second Digit Series: Q=Camaro (1972-9), P=Camaro (1980), S=Type LT (73-78) or Berlinetta (79-80)
    Third & Fourth Digits Body Style: 87=Sport Coupe/Camaro
    Fifth Digit Engine: See Engine Codes Below
    Sixth Digit Year: 3=73,4=74,5=75,6=76,7=77,8=78,9=79,A=80
    Seventh Digit Production Plant: N=Norwood,Ohio, L=Van Nuys
    Last Six Digits increase by one with each car built at each plant

    1972 to 1980:
    1st digit: GM line number
    •Chevrolet = 1.

    2nd digit: Series number:
    • Q = Sport Coupe
    •S = Type LT (1973 – 78)
    •S = Berlinetta (1979 – 80)

    3rd and 4th digits: Body type:
    •87 = Sport Coupe.

    5th digit: Engine Code:
    •See specific year (Camaro info) for breakdown.

    6th digit: Last digit of model year:
    •3 = 1973
    •4 = 1974 and so on

    7th digit: Letter indicating assembly plant
    •L = Van Nuys, California
    •N = Norwood, Ohio

    8th through 13th digits:
    •Sequential production number starting with 100001.
    thats all i could find dont know for sure but think you need to go off the trim plate that give paint color ect because was a trim/styling option
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    Post up the numbers on the trim tag located on the top left corner of the front fender when you lift the hood.

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    i have it figured out it is a real z28 it was built in vanuys california, instead of z28 on the trim tag this one has a #8 in that spot ,if the car was built in ohio it would of had z28 on the tag,,now my only delama is it worth my 65 chevy pick up,, i can do an even trade it has the boned out 175 hp 350 in it ,,the car is clean,original paint,supposed to have only 42000 miles on it , dont know how ya can verify it, it came from an estate auction,,the only thing i can see wrong with it it has some rust inside the trunk (leaky trunk seal) but it is not rotted thru,,,here is my add on here ,,thanks
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    Keep the 65. It is worth more; it is more interesting, better market too. A late 70's Z28 would have to DAMN NICE to do a trade... other wise you can pick them up all day long here in Oregon for 3 to 6K... they usually need a interior, dash is usually bad, motors are the low compression (as you noted), they just don't bring 70 to 73' type values. Your truck is too nice to give it up for this car I think.
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    Why would it matter if its real or not...They were all stripes/stickers after 71...the muscle was long gone... :twisted: Accept for price reasons real Z will be a little more...

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