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Thread: Scammed on RJ deal!! Help!

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    Scammed on RJ deal!! Help!

    I recently got ripped off by a member on racingjunk. I had agreed to purchase some brakes from him for $500 The seller was extremely quick to reply and answer any questions. Once I had sent payment, this guy stopped all communication. I did not use paypal because the seller would not accept.

    I have since filed a police report with his address and information he gave me. This was about a month and a half ago.

    Here is his original ad, neither him nor racing junk have taken it down:

    I really hope nobody else got scammed by this guy either.

    Turns out I am browsing Ebay and I see this:

    Looks familiar huh? This motherfucker is trying to scam more people with this s. I have messaged him through ebay with some questions and he replies right away with the same answers I have gotten from him before. I asked for a phone number because I was very interested in picking them up. I will see if he responds.

    Anyone know what else I can do to get this guy back or somehow recover my funds?

    Ebay ad had been ended by him, here it is:

    He responds to me again:

    Before you slander who I am on other sites maybe you should get your facts straight. I am not the guy who ripped you off before nor do I have a clue who it is. I used pictures that I found online to make it easier. I will be taking the listing down and putting them back up after I take real pics of the brakes both on and off the car. I didnt use real pics because the calipers on still on the car. So just for you info you got the wrong guy, go look elsewhere. If you google or yahoo image search alcon calipers you will see the same pics come up. Dont run me through the mud because you got screwed by someone else.

    I replied with a message saying how his responses were identical on both ebay and racing junk. I also posted his address and name in the reply to him.

    Then he sends this:

    Well aparently they are they are the same type of caliper. The only question you asked me was rotor thickness. Which the rotors these calipers used are the most common used in any form of road racing. The calipers have already been sold and no whoever that guy is , is not me I live 30 miles east of Fresno, Ca. I dont have a clue where Carmichael even is. now leave me alone cause i wont anwser any more email reguarding your rediculas claim. You got the wrong guy here but sorry about your misfortune. For your info I have never even got on racingjunk thats a east coast drag racing site. Now I am done explaining myself to you.

    I also noticed some of his other auctions were taken down and there is only 3 of them still running. He either scammed some other people or got scared and took them down. His story keeps getting better and better!

    Here is all his information that I know of:

    His bank address:

    BBVA Compass
    2277 Watt Ave
    Sacramento, Ca 95823

    His account info:

    Bank: BBVA Compass
    Acct Name: Gracia Racing
    Acct# 2525790978
    Routing Number: 321170538

    His address and info:

    Junior Gracia
    ? Not sure if this is his real name
    5836 Gibbons Dr.
    Carmichael, Ca 95608

    A member on helped me find this:

    Anothony garcia
    604 Sunglow Ct
    Carmichael, CA 95608

    This may be the guy! What else can I do?

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    I would talk to Scorp if I was in your position!
    Good Luck

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