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Thread: procomp 360 cc bbc heads

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    procomp 360 cc bbc heads

    any one have any pro's or con's about procomp 360 cc alum bbc heads.
    any info would be appreciated thanks

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    We have done a lot of them with out any problems just don't use there internal parts .

    Put good Parts in them also check all the hela coils make sure they are full length of threaded hole ,

    Then do a little hand work and a good valve job and you will be surprised
    how they work.

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    Pro Comp

    OK, I will start. there will be others.

    I believe them to be a Chinese copy of a good head like RHS/PRO TOPLINE.
    The guy that owns PRO COMP I believe is an Austrailian that takes good USA companies products to China for knockoffs.

    They probably don't flow that good as they are just a copy and China doesn't really care if they do. The flow chart they show looks identical to the RHS one online. What ere the odds?

    The material may be inferior.

    Too much valve spring pressure may cause intake spring pocket failure.

    The components used to make assemblies are probably suspect.

    The CNC versions are probably based on an inferior casting.

    Probably OK for street, street rod, mucsle car, light bracket racing, maybe.

    You see them advertised everywhere online. They are cheap priced for a reason. They are also sold under engine builders private names.

    The people who tell you they are good quality are probably the ones who have them on their shelves.

    Other Pro Comp products seem to be the same to me.

    If it sounds too American, like Eagle, Patriot, PRO anything, it is likely a overseas product. I think even some Manley H beam rods are Chinese?

    If you want to know if a product is USA, before you buy it, ask for the location of the foundry's or manufacturing plant and the source of the raw material, city and state. No answer is the answer, if it is foreign?

    OK lawyers, did I say anything that can be used against me?

    If it were me, I would buy Dart, Brodix, AFR, World or some other head you can go to the races and see plenty of. If they are too $$ high, stick to OEM high performance castings? At least you know you are helping an American keep his or her job.

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