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Thread: Bowtie 049 heads !!

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    Bowtie 049 heads !!

    I picked up a set of aluminum bowtie 049 heads. I put my intake on and noticed that the ports do not line up.. The heads must have been milled. So i am trying to figure out how to get my intake to match.?? How do i figure out how much to mill off of the intake? I am confused on this!! any help would be appreciated :lol:

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    find out how thick the intake gaskets are and take that many thousand off each side this should fix your problem i just ran into the same problem with the mild small block i just built but just have the gasket surface machined and make sure it fits and lines up good without the gaskets to make sure its not an intake problem so you don't ruin a good intake

    good luck

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    The bigger problem is to find out how much the heads have been milled, if you can find that out the formula is 1.2 to 1 on the intake mounting surfaces for every .001 removed from the heads
    Have you looked at setting the manifold in place without the gaskets to see if the ports line up without the gaskets?
    You may also have to mill the bottom of the manifold after you mill the sides.
    Without knowing how much the heads have been milled it's kinda touch and go, also keep in mind the gaskets will get thinner by about 25% when the manifold is torqued down, if you're using paper gaskets.



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