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Thread: installing distributor and checking clearance

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    installing distributor and checking clearance

    im putting my mallory distributor(with bronze gear)(rolller cam) in my sbc (400 cu in) ans want to check to see if distributor gear and cam gear are meshing properly. how do i do this and if not proper mesh what do i do. to get proper mesh. is there supposed to be up and down shaft movement when distributor is clamped down. i just dont know the proper routine for this important procedure. thanks for help art

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    I seen a video once but it was with msd distributors. but basicaly they put yellow grease on the distributor gear, installed the distributor. made two revolutions of the crankshaft by hand and removed the distributor. if the depth is correct the grease will show that the gears mesh in the middle of the distributor gear. There has to be videos on this & I would call mallory tech department and ask them about this. A chewed up distributor gear can cause a lot of head aches.
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    You may want to check the position of the distibutor vertically relative the the passenger side oil galley.

    Mark the part of the distributor housing that helps form the oil path thru the galley with bright red marker and install it. Then remove the passenger rear oil galley 1/4" plug and verify that it is lined up.

    If it is not aligned, the oil will not flow correctly to that side of the valve train.
    It can also cause an internal oil leak.

    If it is aligned then the gear mesh should be correct.

    There are .006" oversize gears made also.

    If vertical height needs to be changed, the preferred way is to use a distributor with a slip color like MSD 85561.

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    diastributor gear mesh

    thanks guys i will check this info out art

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