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    need help with this engine put new engine in my 67 camaro 350 patriot vortec heads complete roller motor holley double pump full mechanical 650 carb when you set the timing up around 6 degrees and set the idle it runs when you and the vacuam it ands 23 advance when i take the car for a drive and let it go buy the time i get home its idle is way to high i have to turn it down and when you go to check the timing it has moved to about 60 with vacuam and around 25-30 without i have had this to 3 garages they say the timing can't move its your carb its your transmission taking the vacuam you don't have a stall converter is why your engine stalls in drive not park.can engine timing move after it is set bolt tightened take it for a ride and its totally different from what you set. car in garage four 6 weeks now can't get a answer from mechanics???

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    What Dist? Where are you pulling the vacuum from on the carb and what springs and weights. If this helps set total at around 36 with the engine rpm 2500 to 3000 in park!!!! Put someone in the car with there foot on the brake. Safety first.

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    It is possible that your hold down is bottoming out on the block and not actually holding the dist tight like you think it is. Your oil pump is on the other end of that gear, do you have the pump drive shaft stacked up where you can not get the dist to the block? However all you need to do to check the hold down is grab the dist after you set your timing and see if you can move it by hand. Otherwise you may have an accuracy issue on how you are setting it in the first place due to a vacuum leak. Check for vacuum leaks, that will influence your vacuum advance that may also be hanging up some how and changing the initial setting? You may even have a power valve activating early in gear or blown and leaking that will kill idle quality big time.

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    thanks will check your suggestions, hei distributer

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