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Thread: converter crank hub off center

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    converter crank hub off center

    We installed my converter to a lathe (from the pump drive hub) and noticed that crank hub was off center so much I could see it with bare eyes. Dial indicator moved 0.035" on the crank hub when rotated.

    Too much? If so, how to fix this?

    Converter was serviced during winter break and I don't know if it was like that before. I felt little shake while driving it after service, but that could have been lack traction as 60ft was 0.1s slower. No noticetable shaking while running the car on jack stands. 2400lbs door car, 8.90's with 509 BBC, 1.76 PG tranny, 8" A1 converter. Converter installs ok to tranny and bolts up to flexplate with no problems.

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    If you have the trans out of the car i would bolt the converter up to the engine and put an indicator on to the pump drive and take reading that way. Being a machinest for over 50 yrs. a lot of 3 jaw chucks run out them selves some as much as .010. I would think if the hub locator is in fact running out .035 it could damage the pump bushing and possibly the pump it's self, plus it's almost certain to leak on the front seal. If it is in fact running out the only fix would be to turn down the crank locator and put a thin sleeve on it.



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    Thanks, I think I will measure it that way, great idea!

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    GEE--why not send it back to whoever serviced it for you and have it checked :?

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