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Thread: Estimated HP/Torque?

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    Estimated HP/Torque?

    Combo is standard bore 350cid.Older style B&M 142 blower (restripped/bearings etc).Dart Pro 1,s 200 cc intake runners,(2.02x1.60) (unported) but matched to blower intake.Camshaft is Comp special order,ADV DUR.intake 274,exhaust [email protected] .050 is 224 intake/230 exhaust.Valve,intake .538,exhaust .534. Lobe sep is 115. This is a hydralic roller.Also running comp ultra gold 1.6 roller rockers to up the lift to roughly .565/.560.or thereabout.750 cfm holley.I,m thinking or hoping that this combo will be a torquey little small block.It ran 11.60 @115 with .435"/.460"/212/222 duration flat tappet cam in 69 camaro @ 3470#. How much torque and horsepower should I pick up changing to a roller setup.Thanks

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    I dont now what the gains will be, but it sure dose sound fun.
    This wouldn't have happened if only you had been paying attention!

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    cam change

    Alot of guys on here have more experience with cam shafts , but in general a roller should help HP because of its design, rise fall times which also can help cam indexing timing and durations. That being said they can be a little more expensive and harder on the valve train. I would be quessing at the HP gain, the proper overall combo is as important or possibly more important than the actual type of cam, but generally roller will help if you have the cash to buy them.JMO

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    Appriciate the input..I think it made roughly 400hp with flat tappet (small cam shaft).You need 400 hp to run 11.60,s @3400#.Hoping for an additional 65 to 70 HP. Any thoughts as to get me in the 10,s Thanks. 8)

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    Have you tried /borrowed say an 830-850 cfm carb ?

    Changed the blower drive ratio for a "bit" more psi ?

    Nice easy spots to try, much less labor and $$$ intensive.

    Have E-85 available locally, is another thought, and with a blower sure keeps detonation down.

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    Had 800 on there,Everyting fell off. ET.etc Of course that was before supercharger restrip.Gotta get new cam and roller cam installed and see what this motor makes? Hopefully 6/7 psi,i,m thinking? Any Thoughts?

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    Hi rags
    How much boost at what RPM? I bet boost will drop at a non desirable low rpm.

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    don't get too caught up in the boost "number"....lots of things affect that....after all that is a measure of restriction too....

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    I totally agree.Heads,cam etc.Was just looking for thoughts on HP/torque that this combo will make? Thanks.Sorry no E85 available in Canada,yet at pumps.Only get (Contains 10% ethanol).Also would have to change carb, fuel line,and use all anodized fittings,etc.Little to much hassel at this time.Very good article on E85 in Oct/2011 issue. E85 versus 112 gas.If I,m not mistaken,can,t run ethanol with stripped blower? Needs to be just rotors for more clearance.Please correct me if I,m wrong.Thanks

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