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Thread: Dragster Shipping

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    Dragster Shipping

    Anyone ever ship a dragster from one coast to the other? I'm buying a turn-key dragster and exploring the ways of getting it here.

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    I have either gone to meet someone half way or picked up my cars myself.

    A couple places to check if you don't get the feedback here are or in their forums. There is always a topic or 2 pop up there in the winter or early spring asking the same question. I

    I would even suggest you check at the track. Maybe a local racer you know is not working right now and could use the extra money to tow your car for you.

    Where is the car coming from and to?
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    I shipped my front engin dragster out to california from Michigan, Used a local trucker that sends truck out west every week. cost was 1000.00 and it worked out great, both parties where happy.
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    Bought a 69 Camaro drag car from NM & shipped to Or in 2006. worked out fine, also used a car hauler/trucker. Only issue was when we backed car down it caught the header collector on the down ramp... a dragster would have used the full top platform on the truck trailer we used however.
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    MY first thought was to fly there ( NC ) and rent a moving truck to haul it back in. ( I live in Idaho ) But that cost would be around $5,000

    Then I looked into crating it and having it shipped. That would be a pain for the seller and still cost me $2,700

    I talked to a couple " car transport " companies and I think I will go that route. They're about $1,800. Door to Door and in a covered trailer.

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    80 miles west of Joliet IL.
    Check out Sorry I don't know how to do the link thing. ops: Any how you post what, and where you want something shipped, and people bid on the job. You don't have to accept any of the bids if you don't want to.

    Good luck!!!!!!
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    make sure if its an open trailer they put some sord of plastic covering over the car so no bugs get on the car... they shipped my 57 chevy 3200 and it was during lovebug season and had a hell of a time trying to get that off. :evil: :evil:

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    Usually, any major boat dealer has shrink wrap capability.

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