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Thread: Beware when dealing with LOU1320

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    Beware when dealing with LOU1320

    On March 28th "LOU1320" responded to a ad I had posted looking for a good shift lite. He wanted to know if I'd trade one of the delay boxes I had for sale for a good used shift lite he had. I agreed and gave him my shipping info and told him I'd ship the box out within the next 2 days. I shipped the delay box and I did eventually get the shift lite although it took several days. I gave the shift lite to the guy I paid to re-wire the car, who by the way is a professional at it. The shift lite did not work and I notified Louis immeditaley. He did respond and asked if I was sure it was hooked up correctly. I told him it was but I'd have my guy check it out. It was wired correctly, just didn't work. Never heard from Louis again for almost another month when I messaged him again. He said he didn't try the delay box out yet, but he'd send me $50. Although I had the delay box listed for more--I agreed. I've messaged him twice since then with no response. I told him he had 1 last chance to respond before I came on here----well, no $50 or response. It is only $50 after all---but the way I see it, it was still a bad deal and basically stealing from me.

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    Was this an ad on here? Do you have an ad #? Tell us any other details too. Be it $5 or 5000... it is plain WRONG. He needs to make it right. You will get more help with more details, contact info, etc....
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    The ad # I had for the delay boxes for sale was 2168885. The ad # where I was looking for a good shift lite was 2168846. Niether ad really proves anything on my end other than I was looking for a shift lite and that I did have a delay box to trade him.

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    OH well, live and learn. I guess I'm just out of a good digital delay box for trusting somebody on here. Enjoy that box Louis D'Angelo of Slidell,LA. What comes around goes around Pal.

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    Does anybody reading these forum posts know of the guy that ripped me off? The more I think about this, the more it pisses me off and I want my Delay box back or the $50 he was supposed to send!

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    Louis contacted me via R.J. message several weeks ago appologizing for not sending the money and said he'd get it right out to me. No big shocker that nothing has shown up! Just so everyones aware, he has 2 ads posted now---be careful dealing with him. If someones stupid enough to ruin his reputation as a man over $50, he's sure willing to screw someone else for alot more. His ad #'s are 2261520 and 2261526.

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    I'll bet we can get a couple guys to drive him crazy responding to his ads asking about your $50. :P

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    That would be great---hate to be a jerk, but hey..........he's more than asked for it.

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    I sent him a message about this let's see if he responds :!: I am not shy :lol: :lol:

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    I'm not shy so I sent him a message too :!: :twisted:

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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