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Thread: scammer need to watch trading and buying from blacktopboys

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    scammer need to watch trading and buying from blacktopboys

    I traded my 68 nova, It,s a backhaft round tube,pritty nice. He has it listed as a ss, but its not as far as i know. he had the dodge avenger adv, on r-junk ad#2205011 please read.he called wanted to trade and cash differance.
    so we made a deal. I was willing to meet, but he wanted it now. so he brought it to me. well when he got her, come from tx .to al.mapquest sead 621miles.going to split haft fuel. Well he got here, his ad says have bbc motor plates well he shows up car has no motor plate,shifting bracket gone, i ask him were it was.sead didnt have on. but on the ad,and phone he did.his ad,read he did,well hes drove all the way. So I ask if he going to send plate.yes he said,So i payed the diff, we agreed on, and give my cartoo.which has evething from new battery cert 8.50 all he had to do is put his motor and tran,s in and go racing. we traded roller for roller, i on the other hand, had to buy motor plates witch were sapost to be there,shifting bracket for cable to mount to tran,s. I have to buy it to, my car he all there.and this was sapost to be there too, so he sead hes going to send it, and i will send my 1/2 of fuel money. he gets home calls me tells me to take 40.00 buy plate. and send him the rest.I dont know were you can buy motorplats,for 40.00
    i told him dont know were he buy plate but this is a 6.0 cert. pro stock car.witch i sead ill buy the plates and bracket and send him whats left.out of 300.oo .so he seid no he want it all, he didn,t cair.he had his now. i order back plate and front over 200.00 and trying to get the trans bracket. now please see the ad it was sapost to come with he now taking picture of my avenger,that i owen now,putting it all over for 5000 and crap like that.telling everbody its junk ,whin i have the car here. so people call and he tell all his,crap.sence then he call,s and txt me ,tell,s me he going to get me,and my family.tell me hes a gipsyboy and the world wide. now people. i have no problem with 300 doller i just give him 1000s .but i do have a problem with buying something that sapost to be on the car allready, and thay take thing,s off.and exspect you to eat it. if he wouldnt have drove all the way i would have turn him down,over that. it a nice car but i payed for it.and hate a cheater,and lair, if i trade with someone and everthing in it will be there. so now he keeps calling wanting me to pay the 300 to a friend of mine that he traded with 2 mouths ago,and still hasnt payed him. yet, im the dead beet,but please if you know enyway to deal with this guy im all ears. so just know if you trade with him and you get the car or whatever.if its not in it. good luck.buyer beware blacktopboys out of porter tx. if enybody need to know email me,this guy ridiculous. and a lair .thanks hotrodg

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    Since he always uses his health for a excuse that he's linited he really milks that deal,but i've had calls and emails and have names of people thats been ripped off and not just honest god fearing hotrodding men from texas but friends and people that know him in vernon and i'll give the proof,buyers beware or traders ,go somewhere else,member since 2003 and NEVER had a problem dodge avenger sucks,but the nova was nice check it out online,

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    EXPLAIN TO ME AND OTHER HOW YOUR AD SEYS WHAT THE CAR COME WITH AND THEN SHOW UP TO TRADE AND THE PART ARE NOT THERE.EXPLAIN HOW IT,S THE BADASS CAR LAST WEEK WHEN YOU WAS GETTING $$$$$ DIFF, AND NOW THE CAR YOU GOT FROM ME IS NICE. YOUR RIGHT I KNOW IT WAS.AND NOW MY AVENGER I GOT FROM YOU ,YOU SAY ITS JUNK .first thing if you look on your ad it seys me,member 2008 not 03. sec,thing you say the nova nice but the avenger suck. it was really nice when you was taking my money last week. and on your ad.but you would know something nice or not.i notice you wasnt very hotrod noligable. it s amazing how you can tell evebody how junky the car is. but i can give evebody your ad were you was salling it. and how nice it was your ither a liar or you sale crap, witch i knowits not becouse i new the car i lot longer .from org, owner. so i know it good. you know what that means now people need to look at your ad becouse you just admit you salling crap.nope your laing agean. so witch is it. i give everbody not just my apenion . ahooooo going to show what you are agean.if your going to trade and sale if you list it on you ad that what people exspect. should have got the parts with the car .or did you not tell the truth on your ad #2205011and didnt have the parts, as fare as my health goes, didnt know one make you come i ask you to wate till this week, and we could have meet. so can you tell the truth about enything. wow you give car saleman a bad name

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