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Thread: hoosier tire wear

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    hoosier tire wear

    32-14w-15 slicks. Last 3 sets wear on the inside 2 to 3 inches way more than the rest of the tire. Must be something with my set up.. 4 link, ford 9 . Checked the best I could for a bent rear end but measures good. Dont have a rear end brace? Looking for advice, Thanks, Eric

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    What is the history of the rear end housing ?
    What was it in if "used". If from a pickup or 4X4 it could have been slightly bent from 'normal' activity.
    If new, were all the brackets welded on and the housing not checked for straightness ? If the brackets were all welded on with too much heat all at once, warping will take place.
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    if your running a spool -it- can cause a dragging of the tires when making turns in the pits and track---you could have a bent housing or one that was not jigged right when narrowed and rewelded.
    how long did it take to wear the inside surface[did it also wear off the very edge on the inside of the slicks]

    jack the car up onto stands that are the same distance off the floor exactly/
    them carefully measure across the tire surface.

    pull a string line across the center of the housing on the backside and check in different spots to make sure it is straight

    check ALL welds on the housing for ANY cracks or stressed spots [sometimes they show up as rust lines along the welds]

    good luck--[i put a rear brace and a bottom brace on all 9 inch rearends that are going to be abused by horsepower/wheelstands/ or high rpm starts] 8)

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    I agree with lively and you can also just mount up a set of rims and pull a string. I would pull the axles and check the bearing ends to make sure they are square. You can also check the axle splines for wear, if the ends of the housing are off it will show on the splines.

    Let us know what you find if anything, good luck.

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