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Thread: starter problems

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    starter problems

    i have a sbc 400 with 13 to having problems tring to get a starter to work on it.i have a 168 flexplate and i staggered powermaster starter.i put 2 shims on it and it turns the motor over fine sound really good even.but when i hook the coil wire up to try to start it it broke the starter right where the 2 allen bolts are that you can take out to adjust does anyone know what to do to stop it or what i can try to fix it?

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    If it does it when you actually try to start the motor, it sounds like you might have too much ignition timing.


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    i cant even get it started to set the timing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyd21970
    i cant even get it started to set the timing.
    sure your timing is installed right.....might be off and hydro locking the cylinders?

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    Dry time it.

    We do it to every engine before initial starting.

    Take all the fuel away and it can't start.

    Best way is before any fuel is to the carb/injection

    If it has a carb and already has fuel in it, just remove carb. Pull the plugs, turn the engine over by hand (or on the starter with ignition disabled) until your sure all the fuel is out of the cylinders. Replace plugs and wires. Hook up timing light as normal and check it while cranking. Double check it after running.

    On blown Hemi with magneto, we just keep the fuel shut off on the cable pull.
    Then we turn the engine over backwards with a big breaker bar to push any combustable liquid out the exhaust valve into the headers. Useing a MSD self powered timeing light gets it close enough to not back fire and after running usually have to fine tune it.

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    ok thanks,,i have to see if they will take back my powermaster starter and give me a new one..

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    had the same problem. mine wasnt timing, it was a fitment problem. didnt your starter come with instructions on how to take a paperclip and measure how deep the drive went into the flywheel. i didnt read them either and it cost me a flywheel then a starter.and i had to buy them both. they didnt take back the starter, so now i have parts to fix a burnt up one

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