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Thread: 496 what size of heads?

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    496 what size of heads?

    We are buiding a 496. I've been told that you can put to big of heads on it. Right now I do have a set of 781's that we can clean up and smooth out but I do not want to put them on and then wish I would have gone with a better head for better performance. Bottom line is this. This engine will go on a dragster. I have very good components in the engine so it can handle some HP. What would I see in performance and HP gains with the stock heads and some aftermarket heads? With basic work on the stock heads can a person get 700HP? What kind of HP could I get with the bigger heads and how big would I want to go? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Of course it is easy to say to buy some wxpensive Rrodies but keep in mind a blue collar budget...thx M

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    The oval port heads are too small for max power on a 496.You need a square port head for that engine.If you are going to use aftermarket heads,something around 325cc's would be a good choice to use.345cc heads will probably be fine in a dragster but i would stay with the 325's.If you wanted CNC'd heads you could go with the 335cc's.

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    In a dragster you can get away with a lot of head. Example I put dart 355 cnc'd on a 468 it ran 5.0s/8.0s @ 2000lbs, example 2 496 dart 360s 1950lbs 4.9s/7.8s
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    What are your goals? You can make 700HP with a ported set of oval 781's with big valves on pump gas and a nice solid roller.

    If your just looking for 700HP you dont need a huge head by any means... Im making 675HP on a pump gas hyd roller 496ci with AFR 305 CNC heads. If I were to drop an equivelant solid roller in I would be over 700HP per Tony Mamo of AFR. I drive my car everyday though and dont need or want a Solid.

    Unless your running alot of compression stick with a 270-305cc head (depending on goals and use of engine).

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    Well I have a 14.6.1 496 748/775 C/Cams Roller,made 870HP w/a 1150 Alcohol Carb,its getting a Enderle B&Ugly on a T/Ram as we Speak.This is on a Edelbrock Victor TR-2(MAYBE a Profiler)?
    Anyway,It has a sey Of DART 355 CNC Heads,I was Told that It would be a TURD!
    Well the #'s Speak LOUDLY.............!
    G 8)
    O'Ya,I'm Looking for 900-915 w/the Hat and poss.the Profiler?

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