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Thread: Switching from Bert to a 2 speed Muncie

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    Switching from Bert to a 2 speed Muncie

    I have an IMCA style dirt modified and have come across a roller that was stripped of the motor and trans. They used a Bert and I have a 2 speed Muncie. Is there any steps to be taken to use one over the other? I know the clutch is internal in the Bert, so is there anything different with the mastercylinder setup. Im really in the dark about this aspect of the car. Im a chassis and suspension guy who is having to handle it all now and would appreciate any and all help. THANKS! Bill[/b]

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    Hey Bill,
    The Berts and Brinns and Falcons are all very similar in that they use a drive spud bolted to the crank (sandwiching the flexplate ringgear on), and an input shaft directly into the tranny. A Falcon and a Brinn are the same length as a standard Muncie, Saginaw or Powerglide, but a Bert is a couple inches shorter, thus a longer driveshaft may be needed when converting.
    All three use a hydraulic clutch line to engage the mini motorcycle wet-type clutch within, lubed in synthetic racing tranny fluid.
    To move, you shift into low or reverse, then push the clutch pedal to engage clutch to get rolling.
    From low, once you get rolling, you let off the clutch pedal and match the tranny speed and engine speed to jamb the shift lever into high, which locks up high gear one-to-one direct drive. The first couple times can be quite tricky until you learn where the rpms match. You are then only turning the one main shafts locked together, and no other guts turn, the lightest rotating assembly of all transmissions. The Falcon only weighs 43 lbs, and the other two are only a couple pounds heavier.
    If you need to slow down or stop you must kick it out of high gear or you will stall the engine, just like forgetting to push in a clutch pedal. To get going again you got to start all over with the roll and sync process.
    The lighetened Muncie or Saginaws however still turn many parts inside, as well as being much heavier, and having a heavy clutch setup to deal with. Falcon, Bert and Brinn = no clutch in bellhousing.
    You will not be disappointed with your Bert... they are great!
    I'm not hatin... I'm just sayin...

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    Ooops Bill. I reread your post and I guess I missed the point that you are going back to a lightened Muncie 2 speed with big clutch.
    You can still use the same pedal setup, master cylinder and hydaulic lines to engage a mini hydraulic throw out bearing... all else should be the same.
    You may need a 2" shorter driveshaft though if yours is matched to a Bert.
    If you have a four bar car don't forget to use an 8" slip yoke and give extra travel room for the rear steer travel.
    If you ever try a direct drive tranny though you may never go back...?
    I know I never will... Jim
    I'm not hatin... I'm just sayin...

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    Thanks Jim I didnt think it would be much of a change. I also appreciate the insight on the slip yoke. It is a 4 bar car, that was great info, I really appreciate it.

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