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Thread: Best heads for a bbc.

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    Best heads for a bbc.

    Hi there

    First topic from me and asking for some help.

    I have these things:
    361959 block from 1979y 454cid, heads 336781 OpenChamber 113.0cc OVAL PORT - Valve size 2.06 intake, 1.72 exhaust, Race Demon 1025 carb, NOS Wet Big Shot , Edelbrock Victor Jr. Single Plane intake, Dedenbear NOC1 nitro controler and MSD electronics all the way( Msd 7 al2 , Msd Blaster coil ,Msd 3 step retard , Msd rpm activated switch). Cant at the moment afford a nice new bb (dart or merlin) block to start making a real killer thing. So, obviously you guys here have the knowledge about bbc, what you think would be the best heads for that combo. Any suggestions on cam and pistons?

    Its my first bbc build ever and trying to avoid wrong moves(not to buy items that will not be the best for the engine etc).

    So far I have been offered pro-comp heads with a set of dart 308 steel heads with 2.25 int and 1.88 ex valves with isky springs good for .750 lift and a a pair of 074 factory aluminum heads.They are bare heads,set up for 2.19/1.88 valves. Really dont know what would be best. The idea itself is to build a strong engine for drag-racing. Th350 or 400 gb and 4.10 gears. And with the money I have I am making it from item to item. Still will need to figure out what pistons, maybe a stroker kit etc.

    Oh and the engine will go on -79 Camaro Berlinetta

    So, help?


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    The best heads that you listed are the Dart 308's, although they are heavy, they flow a little over 360 CFM as cast.



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    Hands down on the heads Zipper recommeded.

    On my GM 454 I went with a 1/4 stroker Eagle 4340 rotating assembly I bought off a vendor in the ad section of RJ. It was very reasonable.

    Initially I just wanted a 4340 4.00 crank but for the same price I could upgrade to 1/4 stroker crank, so it was a no brainer.
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    How much money are you wanting to invest? That will have a big impact on what you can get. I just bought a set of the pro-comp 320 rectangular port heads bare. I had the machine shop put in a set of good severe duty valves and springs with titanium retainers good to .750 lift and got 1400 in them to the door.

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    best heads

    As far as the BBC aluminum Pro Comp heads, this sites ads are full of different vendors selling these and Patriot heads under different names even, some from $900 bare to $1900 CNC'd complete.

    I question if they are any good at all for drag racing with roller cam springs??

    They are Chinese castings with who knows what actual quality aluminum and hardness.

    They appear to be a copy of the PRO ACTION/PRO TOPLINE/RHS 320 and 360 intake port size heads cast in New Zealand in a modern foundry.

    They even show the exact same flow chart as the RHS heads. Coincidence or copy on this too? I question them being even close to those figures as cast.

    I can see the intake port caving in with 250# seat pressure valve springs, an aggressive roller cam, and 7500 RPM.

    Whats the facts on these heads other than they are $500-1000 cheaper than Dart Pro 1's, Brodix, AFR, RHS heads that are not in question as far as quality and long term investment?

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    Bore it/stroke it and make yourself a 496ci.
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    1st of all, before you get started with any parts, you want to purchase, first figure out how fast you want to run, then build it acordingly. you will save yourself alot of money,switching parts back and forth, the stroker 496 would be a good start, and go from much horsepower do you need ?

    New build, we`ll see what we get. lol

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    for factory heads get some rectagular port heads that were on the ls6 chevelle

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