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Thread: Whats to cold to work in garage

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    Whats to cold to work in garage

    Since its winter and some of us don't have heated garages,what is the coldest temp in your garage that you have worked in on your race car?I changed the motor in my Camaro last month when it was 25-40 during that week.

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    Brrr!! Thats cold, Even tho had to change batteries in a loader that wouldn't start at 10, deg below zero with the wind chill. but there is a difference between having to change batteries at 10 degs. (and have to), then 25-40 deg because you like it. :lol:
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    S.C. ain't too bad as far as getting Too Cold...we do get in the mid lower 20's and touch high teens every now and then....but I live in Upstate...Lower State toward the coast stays a few degrees warmer

    but to answer your question..I have turned wrenches in the 30 degree range....I saw no rush/need to be out there any Colder...Plus I use a kerosene jet heater when I do this.

    Believe it or not I have Wet sanded a 69 truck Bed in mid/low 30's..I just kept my sand paper in a 5 gallon Bucket of Hot water...

    But to be Flat Honest I DO NOT get after it like I use to...I love cars and Fast cars all the better.. I just don't have the Bug to get to the track as bad as I use to


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    Well in my younger days I would plywood the car port and open the kitchen door in the winter to get some heat to rebuild my motor and work on my car.It probably got to about 30 to 40 degrees at best.
    Now a days it's gotta be at least 60 in the shop for me to work on Winter projects.
    Funny how things change when you get older. But like Brian I don't bust my butt like I use to when I was younger. I use to race every week end but only go about 4 to 5 times a year now.

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    I removed and rebuilt my TH350 in a 72 Impala in Riverton, Wyoming in Dec 1979. I don't know what the temp was, but it felt warm when it finally got up to 32 degrees. Most miserable repair I've ever had to do.

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    For me below 50 is too cold anymore. I think it's like most guys say the older I get the less I like the cold. Why do I live in Michigan? (The Winter Wonderland) :lol: Heck anymore if I get the John Deere out to blow snow I put all my snowmobile gear on to stay warm. :shock: Needless to say, I don't have any snowmobiles anymore. :wink:

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    i helped a friend take a motor out of his truck when it was 15degrees out!! off a limb of a pine tree.,with a comealong,,course that was 20yrs ago..when i was 25!!..any way them days are over.. i got a wood stove now.,with blower motor..i dont know your situation, but i would make a stove out of a 55gal. drum..

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    Well i have gas heat so this doesn't apply to me :!: But to be honest 40 degrees is too cold for me :!: :!:

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    replaced 13 speed truck tran & clutch in truck with wet kit...dirt floor barn with a kerosene heated blowing under it....10 degrees.....I WAS A MEAN SOB TO BE AROUND THAT DAY !

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    I pulled the motor out of the race car 1st week of December it was right around 40 degrees in the garage, anything lower than that i cant seem to function. Worked outside for the city for 33 yrs. sometimes in sub-zero weather repairing watermain breaks or what ever was required to do at that time and it never seemed to bother me. Now that i'm 58 and been retired for 3 yrs i've gotten use to stayin in the warm house near the fireplace. Next year there is a gas furnace in the works for my garage.

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