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    You may have seen the tv show, The Defenders, Wednesday, 12/7, based on gun rights. We all know that the entertainment
    industry often uses their ‘reach’ to portray an ideologically manipulated story line. This story begins with a young man being
    unduly stopped by a local (Nevada) policeman who, without asking, searches the pickup (owned by the grandfather). In the back
    of the pick-up are several guns that have had their serial numbers removed. The boy is charged and soon finds himself in court. In
    this scenario, the young man’s grandfather is the ‘evil doer’. He is an unshaven, ‘country bumpkin’, in a plaid shirt that lives on a
    dusty country road. He has a business on his property of selling guns only to legitimate buyers. However, the grandfather removes
    serial numbers from his guns because he believes that the government has no right to intervene under the 2nd Amendment of the
    Constitution. A building on his property houses racks of guns. Hanging from the rafters are flags, including the American flag and
    “Don’t Tread on me” flag (evidently, typifying the extremist). The attorney describes his client (the grandfather) as someone who
    ‘thinks differently’ ignoring any reference to the constitution. He finally makes a deal with the evil doer grandfather to admit that
    his grandson didn’t know the guns were in the back of the pick-up in exchange for admitting he removed serial numbers of the
    guns he was selling. The charges on the grandson were dropped. The show ends with the grandfather being cuffed and taken to
    jail by the feds.
    • The story line unintentionally exposes the insidiousness of government and its criminalizing of citizens.
    • It elevated government ‘as our protector’ against the citizens who chose to abide by the constitution rather than federal
    regulations. Promoted the idea that guns without seriel numbers eventually end up in criminal hands and typify the gun
    owner as a seedy, country extremists.
    This commentary is not about the issue of gun legislation, regulations, taxation. It is about good people who buy into well meaning
    legislation under the pretense of government ‘protection’. Each time we accept, settle or look to the government to make laws
    and regulations, we surrender our individual freedom.

    Entertainment that promotes liberal bias is simply folly.
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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