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Thread: Austin Coil resigns

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    Austin Coil resigns

    I figured one of you drag racers would have already said something about this.

    Whatcha think?

    I was planning to contact him until I read this part.

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    I guess it just never came up, theres been some interesting articles in National Dragster about it the last couple of weeks.

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    I think John Force will regret letting him go :!: :!: I read about it on NHRA website and Austin said he will be looking for a job in 2012 :!: Look out Force :!: JMO Mark
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    I'm not so sure that Force let him go, he just brought in younger blood to help do his job as crew chief, Coil is about my age (early 70's) in fact i used to race against him in the mid 60's when he was a part of the Chgo. land Dodge boys (Forconis,Memic, & Coil) I was running A&B gas supercharged, and AM/Sports and they were running Super Stock, but were sometime thrown together due to not enough cars to run that fast. I think that Austin just felt left out of the circle and decided it was time to move on. You have to look at a 25 yr rain with Force and the most successiful rain in NHRA hstory. He has said he was intrested in Nastliga funny cars and that is where he really got his start running 50% nitro and no electronics. I think he'll do good and enjoy doing that kind of tuning.



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    I believe John is correct, from what I gathered and read on the matter it was a voluntary decision on Coil's part.

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    It's hard to say what the real story is. We may never know but I think those guys were like family and will miss each other. Alot of stuff happens behind the scenes and we will never know the truth. Life goes on and you deal with it best you can. Happens in Football, Baseball, Basketball etc all the time. Anymore you have to be political correct in what you say about stuff like this happening. It's a shame people can't say what's really on there mind. I know John speaks out but he has to be careful what he says.
    Those guys were one hell of a team.
    It's kinda sad but life goes on. Both will do fine.

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