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Thread: Need info on a trade

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    Need info on a trade

    I responded to an ad on rj about an electric shifter an man has. I sent messages that I have some new spare parts that he would be interested in as trade. I called him and we spoke and everything seems on the up and up but I am a little leary about sending parts in hopes that I recieve mine in return. I am in tx and he is in canada so way too far to trade face to face, If it goes bad I just lose out. Anyway, he said that he has to pay a duty on shipments coming from the u.s. I can understand that. Although I know nothing about it. He said I could save him money by writing it as a gift when sending it. Something like happy birthday or something to that effect. Anyway, how can I send and recieve parts and be sure they go both ways? Also, can I find out if he has good feedback status on rj? Or, is there a way to search for scammers just to see if his name comes up? His username is mark78ta on rj if that helps anyone help me. thanks.

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    now i am not taking sides, or saying anybody is a scammer, but thats a long drive, if he takes your stuff and never sends you anything,,i would have too pass on the deal. its just too far, and he is in Canada, but just my 2 cents worth

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    I'm with Bigray on this one, what the guy also didn't tell you is that if the parts shipped to you are shipped UPS there's also a duty to you if he doesn't prepay it. I went thru this a couple yrs ago where UPS sent me a bill about 2 months after i recieved the parts.
    However i think you can send parts and recieve parts USPS without a duty, but not sure on this.



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    Need info

    If you decide to do the deal, why not treat it like 2 seperate sales?

    You sell your parts to him. When that deal is done, he sells his parts to you.
    All you have to agree on is the value of the parts.

    Then you both make your honor payments to RJ and everyone gets what they have coming to them.

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