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Thread: Bad Deal with sr1105

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    Bad Deal with sr1105

    Jeff wanted to trade my car for his motor. He said he didn't have a trailer so he could not travel. I am in Afghanistan working so I made the deal and had my son drive all the way up above Atlanta pulling the car. I even asked Jeff to make sure he wanted the car due to cost of my son driving up and so on and he said it was a go. The car arrived at his house and he said it was all a lie and did not want the car. The car was exactly as what was in the pictures.

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    You still have your car don't you? If so I don't think you got ripped off. It sounds like a big waste of time and gas money. And yes I would be a little pissed too. But you can't force someone to trade.
    Do you still have the ad# for his engine maybe we can get him on here to tell his side?

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    and what did he say was wrong or different with the car? I'd like to hear his side too.

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    he said the axles weren't mosers. He could be right but that is what I was told from the builder of the car. He also said there was no diagonal link which is in car. He just didn't look for it. Said axles weren't nhra approved. I was never asked this question or stated they were. I am pissed because I asked him to be sure and ask all questions and look at all pictures before I sent my son on a 10 hour drive and he said we are a go, no problem. I said the car is as exactly as what is in pictures. I guess I should calm down before I post complaints. I learned my lesson. I will just have to deal with the guy who sold me the car if it is not what he stated.

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    now I am not bashing you, but that old line of, thats what i was told... that just dont fly, when you own the car,, its not to hard to see what kind of axels you have, as for you being pissed , u damn right you should be,,, thats total B,S, sound's to me like the guy just wanted your son to bring it to him, so he could look it over, and then say never mind,,he should have at least paid for the gas,, just mt 2 cents worth, but i have been in your shoes, i kinda think we all have,

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    I had the axles re checked and they are mosers. They just don't have the moser stickers on them. The guy said they weren't NHRA approved. I thought the only regulation on axles is that they are c clip eliminator type. Maybe someone can school me on that. But you are right, saying that is what the guy told me, really don't fly. My fault. The car was as I described. He just had second thoughts. I just wish he had them before and told me ahead of time before the 10 hour trip was made. From now on anything I sell will have to be seen prior to the deal being made.

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    Although it was A trade he would have to put up some cash for me to travel 10hrs! If the deal worked I give him his money back,if not Im only out a trip..If he was serious about the deal he wouldnt have had a problem with it..To hook up & tow a car 10 hrs on some guys word youve never met?? Sounds like your a little too trusting & it cost you..Live & hopefully learn..JMO

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    I would have worked out traveling expenses ahead of time. The guy obviously did not like what he saw and if you were going by what the previous owner said without confirming EVERYTHING on the car before selling it then the only person to blame is yourself. I have driven hundreds of miles to see cars that were nothing like they described. Lessons learned...

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    I'd like to see the car.

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    RE: kgreene needs to tell the truth about his car !!!!

    Hi Kirt
    You need to be honest about what you have !!!!
    The rearend is not complete and does not DIAGONAL LINK OR THE MOSER AXLES THAT YOU STATED YOU HAD !!!
    Check with some of the other people I had deals with and
    see what they had exprienced.

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