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Thread: My First Win and first Walley !!

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    My First Win and first Walley !!

    Sorry for the long read !!

    Saturday at the races we started time trials at 4 PM and the final race of the night was actually sunday morning at 5AM !! There was a huge turn out and the races seemed to go on and on.

    This night of racing was for the King of the Track !!

    My buddy Gary and I both signed up for No/E and No/E Quick. There were about 25 to 30 cars in each class.
    My car was running great.. Once I got done with my last time trial I was running a 5.94 and 115 MPH.. And... I finally got my recation times where I needed them. I was cutting .508 to .530 lights all night long.. The worse one which was in time trials was a .601. So I think I am on to something with the lights.

    I went 5 rounds in the No/E class and finally got beat by a hair.. It was way close and I actually let off right at the end or I think I would have beat him. I ran a 5.95 on a 5.94 dial in.. My reaction time was a .521 He ran a 5.92 on a 5.90 dial in.. His reaction time was something like a .514.. Super close race. So I got eliminated..


    I was still going in the No/E Quick Class. I got a by run because I had the fastest reaction time so the next round I drew my Buddy Gary.. This time... I finally beat him and put him on the trailer in this class. I was pumped !!

    So the next round came up and I was running for the championship against another camaro that had a 6.00 dial in. We staged and I cut another great light.. a .518 light and ran right on my dial in. The other guy had a .580 light and I made him breakout by 5 he ran a 5.95 on a 6.00 dial in and I still beat him to the line so I won the No?E Quick class and 400.00 and a Walley !

    My buddy Gary went on to win the No/E calss and then he and I had to race again to see who was going to be running against the Super Pro and Super Pro Quick winner for the King of the track.

    Gary and I did our burn outs and then he staged really fast and had both lights turned on before I got my first one on.. And I was not messin around.. I got my first light on and then started brining up my RPM"s and started inching forward.. Next thing I knew... I had a Redlight and then Garys lights started coming down and he took off. I was like hey !! You gonna bring him back so we can run.. I think his light messed up or something. (( Thats what I was thinking )).. So after waiting for someone to come up and tell me that we were gonna bring him back so we could run... No one did.. I went ahead and ran down the track and came back and asked what the deal was ?? I was then told that you only have like 7 seconds once the other person is staged to get staged yourself.. I did not know this.. (( But I do now )) So.. I got schooled and did not get to run for the King of the Track. Gary did..and he ran against the Super Pro guy in a dragster and Gary beat him and won King of the Track !! Pretty awesome job for him.. But he has won it three times so far..
    I was later approached by several others and told that they had been racing for 20+ years and had not won a wally yet. And that this trophy was pretty special and very hard to win.
    I felt really proud to know that only after 3 months of racing that I had already done this. I cannot wait for next year to come around and see if I can repeat the lights that I was cutting on this last race. The car ran great all night long. It ran 5.95's all night long unless I let off the gas. Very consistant car..

    Just wanted to share my story and my picture... May not be that big of a deal to some but to me it was pretty special. this was two weeks in a row that I have won money.. Looking forward to next year for sure !!

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    Congrats :!: :!:
    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    congrats, job well done! :wink:

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    wait a minute, you said you were just going to test and tune,
    heh heh, good job bud, have you found a way to mount it
    to your hood? :wink:

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    Nice :!:

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    Congratulations and don't apologize for the long read, if I would have won the Wally at the Tulsa race you guys would have been sick of me talking about it.

    On another note we have courtesy staging here that is mandatory so a guy can't light both lights on you like that, but if I race at Wichita next year and your buddy lights both lights on me I hope he has a big radiator because he is going to be sitting there a while. :lol: :lol:


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    Wow ! Great job. Hard to get one of those.

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    congrats, maybe you started a trend. :wink:

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    YEEEEHAAA !!!!! Congrats on that Wally !!

    Don't make any big changes on the car this winter if you want a repeat for next year ! A car that consistent should be left as is IMHO
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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