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Thread: Race Pics and New Personal Best Times

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    Race Pics and New Personal Best Times

    The Car did great !! It really like the temps and fuel the fact that it was getting more fuel.

    1st pass down the track set a new personal best for me and the car.. 5.98 114 mph
    2nd pass was a 5.96 at 114 mph..
    Ran 5.96's most of the night.. Dead on..
    Then last pass of the night.. I had to Race my Buddy who got me into racing and who has won several championships out there .. We were racing for 1st and 2nd place money in No/E Quick class.
    He had a 6.06 dialed in and I had a 5.95 dialed in because the temps dropped more..
    We staged and I knew I had to have a really good light on him because he usually always cuts 515 or 530 lights all night long.. And.. I am horrible on the lights..
    So.. we staged and once we took off.. I knew I cut a really close to perfect light.. I caught him and passed him and beat him to the light !! I was super excited !! Then about 100 yards from the ticket box.. I started to wonder... Did I break out ? Then I saw the yellow ticket..
    I lost !! After looking at the ticket.. I red lighted.. I cut a 497 light.. I also broke out and ran a new personal best of 5.93 at 115 mph ..
    So... He is still the Teacher and I am still the student..
    We both went home with money in our pockets so that was cool.. Plus they had photographers out there and I got a couple of shot of the car.. and I had a new personal best.. So.... It was a good night for me..

    New Personal best times... 5.93 at 115 mph and a 1.31 60ft..

    Got both tires in the air !! That is way cool to me ! Car was launching nice !

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    Good deal stinger. Thats gettin with it. What does your car weigh and what are you running for power?

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    Was told that the car weighs (( If I remeber right )) about 2800 lbs..

    It has a 502 in it.. Was told that the motor is pushing 730 Hp.

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    Does this car have an anti roll bar?
    Are you running a vacuum pump on the motor?

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    Fantastic weekend Stinger. Congrats. I was rooting for you right up till I read about the yellow slip. Good job though.


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    Yeah... I was rootin for me to until I saw that.. :lol: Its all about having fun to me.. I just wanted to beat my buddy. Reguardless. It was a blast ! 8)

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