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Thread: which spark plug suitable for my engine

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    which spark plug suitable for my engine

    I need help in choosing suitable spark plug for my engine
    The specification for my engine as following
    SBC 383 with 10.8:1 CR
    AFR cylinder head 210(AFR-1054)
    Solid roller camshaft (LUN-60132) with 1.6 rocker arm
    Advertised Duration 273 int./279 exh
    Valve Lift with Factory Rocker Arm Ratio 0.578 int./0.585 exh

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    I might get roasted for some of this, but here is what I have used/learned- many views on spark plugs here. (Kinda like valve lash threads here)...LOL

    Here are few I remember: AC R45TS I think "TS" is tapered seat "R" is flat. This is a stock SBC plug.

    NGK: BKR5E stock; the lower the number, the hotter the plug.

    Bosch: F6DSR again stock.

    not sure about hot/cold on your application due to set up; spray/no spray etc...

    I use Bosch Platinum in my BBC... Why?? Ever try to start high comp motor in the winter w/ no choke? Fouled many over the years... I have noticed that platinum's are pretty hard to foul... & if they do, they will work the next day after dying out. JMO.
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    I like scooters recommendations, any of those will be fine for your combo, but to add to it if I may.

    If you plan on using a ignition box like a MSD 6AL or equivalent, tighten the plug gaps up a bit.

    I like > .028 - 032 :wink:
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    We use NGK R5672A-8 and gap to .040
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