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Thread: My Camaro ran its best time ever lastnight

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    My Camaro ran its best time ever lastnight

    Lastnight I went to the races, and my buddy and I were curious what difference would be made by taking the mufflers off my camaro. (( Plus the Temps were cooler )) Anyway, My car has be consistent at 6.26 at 111 mph
    and at the last time out it ran a 6.22 which was the fastest time yet.. We thought by taking the mufflers off we might knock off enough to get in the high teens..

    As of lastnight... First pass out of the box..Time Trail 6.09 And it was awsome... Next pass.. 6.06 Time trail
    Dialed a 6.06.. Broke out and ran a 6.05.. Bought back in.. Dialed a 6.05 Lost again.. broke out.. ran a 6.04..

    Then we decided to run some time only passes just to work on some things.. Like trying to get futher up on the convert when I take off..

    Car was turning 1.39's and 1.38's in the 60 foot.. Well, I got out and got up to 4 thou on the converter, and the car launched great !! Both wheels in the air and it was on a best pass ever.. 60ft was a 1.32 and the 330 ft was a 3.87.. Ran a 6.01 through the 1/8 mile.. My heart was pumping and it was awesome !!

    Got a video the second time I went up, and on this run I only got to a 6.05.. The car pushed in the lights and messed me up.. but was still a nice pass.. Got the wheels up alittle bit... MPH on the 6.05 was 112 mph..

    Not to shabby of a gain just by taking the mufflers off and the temps dropping.

    Anway.. Still messing with the car.. Hope to get it into the 5.90's or 5.80's once I get the smaller slicks on.
    Still only running 92 octane gas and 110 octane gas mixed 50/50..

    I am very happy and still hyped up this morning after the runs lastnight !!

    Just wanted to share..

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    That's awesome. Keep at it 5.90s are just around the corner. If you watch the video right before you took off it looked like the car rolled a little so I probably would have been a little quicker than it was if it hadn't.


    P.S. I know where you are myself. I went 6.0005 earlier in the year. Ran 6.012 yesterday.

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    Yeah, it pushed pretty hard on me... I foot brake the car and the brakes about gave up on me at 4000 RPMs and it pushed..

    I am stoked for sure. 8)

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    PUT A TRANS BRAKE IN IT and then hang on to your a**!!

    GOOD RUN!! TELL us about the combo.

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    Has one.. I'm new to the sport or drag racing, so I really don;t know that its legal in the No / E class..

    If your asking about the specs on the car..

    1971 Chevy Camaro, Full 4-link chassis, F/C cage. All steel except rear wing and hood. NHRA 7.50 certification.

    Pump Gas 502, iron Merlin heads, full roller,stud girdles, Dominator, coated Hookers. All forged, actually built as an endurance motor. Makes about 710 hp.

    Well built glide, 180 straight cuts, pro-tree brake, fresh, 6 runs.

    2 Optima's, Simpson chute, 15 x 33's, Dana 60, all aerospace brakes, strange coilovers.Car runs on a 50/50 mix orf91 Octane fuel and 110 octane.

    I have only had the car since July and have only been racing since July.. Been around the sport for the majority of my life but never raced until now..
    I have a Ton to learn, and I have a ton to learn about the car. The previous owner did not know much about it either..

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    can't speak for your track but around here a trans brake is allowed in the no electronics class....just have to wire a light to the button so they can tell when you let go of it. wires must be in plain view also.

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    Like I said, I am still very new to all this.. My car has a button on the steering wheel that you have to use for reverse.. I was told that would be the button.. also has the line lock on it too.. Car used to run the electronics and had the automatic shifter on it.. I just do not know much about it.. My buddy knows all about it, but does not want to get me messin with it right now.
    Just wants me to get some good runs under my belt.
    Kinda curious how much more wear and tear on the componets that would have on your car.. Has to be pretty rough on it. U-joints and things like that.. But I do like how they launch when you use one for sure !!

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    nice car, nice run bud, good luck

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    Thanks for the compliments guys.. 8)

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