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Thread: Couple vids

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    Couple vids

    Test and tune again.. Couple of Friday nights ago ...

    Basically went out to try and learn more about the car and to get some more seat time.
    I was seeing just how far I could get up on the RPM's before the car would move at the tree.

    We were also watching the rear tires to see if there was much spinning going on or if it was getting traction.

    We also were curious if the tires were getting any air at all. They did and it was only 2 or 3 inches and it would carry it about 10 or 15 feet out. Tire would not really move right off the line, and that was cool to me..

    Last run was to listen to see what it sounded like on the top end and my buddy said it sounded really good.

    Gotta work on my burnouts.. not much smoke.

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    If your having issues with the tires spinning, the wimpy burnouts would be to blame if your tire pressure is where it needs to be.

    You've got some learning to do, but your getting there.
    I dont remember, but does this car have an alternator?
    If it doesnt, wire your headlights to a seperate switch.
    Shouldnt need headlights to run down the track, going to
    need a tail light though.

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    No tire spin.. It hooked up.. It does have an alternator on it..
    Will be doing a better burnout saturday night for sure ..
    I have a Ton to learn for sure
    Tire pressure seems to be working fine..

    Both tail lights work.. so I got that one covered.. :wink:

    Just gotta get used to the car and the lights..

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