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    Practice Tree Simulator

    I am trying to find a practice tree simulator, I have a dragster and if you have seen these before you know what I am talking about. They are built kinda like the cock-pit of a dragster with uper and lower frame rails, seat, and a steering wheel. I have found something like it on QuarterMax .com but is not what I am wanting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    maybe get a full size practice tree and make your own? I never heard of what you are looking for but it sounds cool...and expensive.

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    About 10 yrs. ago i bought a protree, (full size) it came with controls where you could actually sit in your own car and use the controls from your car it was about $800.00 then maybe less now. But as Todd says you can build your own, below is a website that has everything needed to build your own (cheap) or you can buy one completed to your specs. (not cheap)


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    Yea I found those too, but those are not exactly what I was looking for. I was wanting to find the one built to simulat the dragster, but thanks for the help guys. I was maybe thinking of making one out of PVC for the upper and lower frame rails, then just making holes for my bracing which could be something like some cheap muffler pipe or just some average cheap pipe itself to make it solid enough to sit in.

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