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    sbc 383

    Engine help ? while the car was at the auto body they took it out to move cars around , left it out side running , with out the fan on , one person said it got hot to the point that the top radiator hose blew off, so i went there today ran the car for about 6to 7 minutes and temperature gauge ran up and car made a funny noise under the hood so i shut it off and let it coast , put more antifreeze in the car. the started but doesn't sound the same like the engine is not running on all cylinders. what possibly happen ?

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    It could have blown the head gasket or done a few other things. Most flat deck and heads and good gaskets will with stand being overheated with no issues. If its a stock tight clearance engine, heating may cause gaulling everywhere, pistons, cylinder and such depending on the temp it reached. It could also crack steel heads pretty easily with no cooling system and leaving it overheating. Its really hard to say.

    I run alot of blown street engines, so to me a overheated 240 degree engine is not any sweat.


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    what are some of the symptoms to look for.

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