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Thread: Am I crazy.... (283 build up)

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    Am I crazy.... (283 build up)

    After six years I'm getting my '58 chevy truck back on the road with a mild budget. I'll be running a 4 speed, Ford 9" with 4.11's and a locker.

    My questions are related to the motor.
    It's a 283 .60 over (3.935 bore)
    Howards solid cam 244 @.50" on 108 (chose cam when i was 18... doh!)
    Basically my budget will allow me a set of heads
    and a new intake.
    I currently have 305 heads and an old Holley contender with 600cfm carb

    What would you guys think about a set of rhs 200cc 2.02/1.60 with 50cc chambers.

    The cam is reccomended for 11:1 so the small chambers would put me close at 10:5 with shims... I ran before with around 9:1

    The only reason I'm seriously considering this is while researching LS swap I noticed the new 4.8/5.3 heads are 200cc... so if the port design is good the heads by themselves shouldn't make a dud of an engine because they're big? Just wanting to know thoughts, i might try it anyway because i can use the heads on another set up down the road. also please don't tell me to build something bigger. I'm just doing bolt ons to what i have thanks.

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    I'm not the engine guru your looking for by any stretch of the imagination but I'll get the ball rolling for you and take a stab.

    I see no problem with the 200cc heads so long as you compliment it with a good intake, something that will pull some R's.

    A performer rpm air gap or a victor jr would work great with those heads.

    Goodluck, Cp
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    C'mon guys, 57 views and only 1 reply? That's pitiful.

    Sorry dude, this pace is mere shadow of its former self.

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    There's always trial and error.... couldn't be much worse than stock 305 heads and only 9:1 comp with that huge mistake of a cam. LOL

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    The 3 inch stroke SBC is a fine motor but tends to move the power band up in the RPM scale. Your 4 speed and 4:11 will be a nice match.
    Some 180 or 200cc heads will wake the engine up nicely.
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    283 ideas

    X 2
    180/190/ 200 CC intake runner heads will work, not sure about that cam
    balance the assembly, because you will like to twist this motor up into R's
    Also an aluminum intake to compliment higher RPM's and I may catch some heat for this but a 650 holley DP may work nicely.good luck

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