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Thread: Can anyone tell me what rear end gears i need!!

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    Can anyone tell me what rear end gears i need!!

    I just built a 383 stroker and have it in a 67 camaro. 10.25 ratio. it has a turbo 400 transmission. Just ran the qtr with it today and topped out around 105 before i got to the end. So I need lower gears but not sure what to go with. 3.73's? 3.55's?

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    How high are you wanting to rev the engine? Where does the engine make power at? How heavy is the car? How tall are your tires?

    I would run a 4.10 or 4.56 or something in the middle like a 4.30. Depending on the answers to above questions.

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    all above that tod said . also what is the primary use of the car , strip only ? street & strip ? what stall ?

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    You also need to indicate what gear you have in it now. Dave
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    There are 2-3 sites that have the rear end gear ratio calculaters. I am at work and can't post them at the moment, but I am sure you can Google them. I can say this thou, if your happy with your 60 ft. times, and your running short on RPM at the big end something has to give....LOL
    If you real close on the big end, maybe consider useing a taller tire or even a stickier compound. Of course there are a lot of variables. Are you spinning a lot out of the box ? If so how bad ? You may find out a tire change is all thats needed?

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    Here is a simple calculator that may help.

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