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Thread: Hilborn Injection

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    Hilborn Injection

    I had asked this in a previous post with a different subject. No one answered my question so I thought that I would repost in a seperate post.
    My question is I am looking at converting my blower motor over to fuel injection. From what I have found and the companies that have replied to my questions I am planning on using a Hilborn Electronic Fuel Injections system. Does anyone have any experience with them, good or bad. Their Tech people seem very straight forward and helpful so far. Just looking from so real world feedback. Any advice would be great. Thanks for your time.

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    hillborn system

    HEY MUD,You are looking at a nice setup.A friend of mine has a sbc with the setup and he installed it went by the manual and has not had a bit of problem with it .It is nowhere like the old hillborn we ran back in the 1970's.You had to constantly check the humidity and made adjustments on the barrel valve.As you probably know,the sytem is not cheap,but it is good. good luck, fishmanjoe

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    I know I replied in your other post, but I'll try to get a little more information from you and help as much as I can.

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish? If the end result is more power, you could have the blower race prepped, stripped and add a mechanical injection system pushing alcohol for the same money you spend on the EFI. The price of going EFI will climb quite a bit if you decide methanol is your fuel of choice due to the injector quantity and size.

    If street drivability is your primary concern, I am not to fond of Carabine ECU for overall tunability. The Fast XFI is the much better choice in that area. The tune that Hilborn will put in will be close, but it will still need tuning.

    If it's strictly a race vehicle that sees occasional street duty then mechanical injection will get the job done, but if it's the other way around EFI would be the better route.

    Carbs on top of a blower will yield close to if not equal to the same amount of power as injection. Of course methanol will make more power than gas.

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    I appreciate your replys. It is greatly appreciated.

    ccperf721p, you have given me a great amount of information on both posts of mine and it is greatly appreciated. Now to your questions of me.
    The greatest goal that I am trying to accomplish is dependability of fuel delivery when the truck is not sitting flat. It is a Mud truck that is driven a good bit on the street. After talking with the tech people at Hilborn I have decided to go with the Fast XFI set up. I will admit I am little intimedated by fuel injection but I think that it is time for me to go this route with my truck. Right now if the truck is tilted very much at all it does not want to stay running, and if it does stall out will not crank again until I get it on pretty flat ground. As of right now I am planning to continue to use pump gas. I have a friend that runs a shop with a dyno so once I get everything installed then I will be able to put it back on the dyno to get everything exactly right.
    Base line price right now is 6300 for the set up, I know it will be more once I give them all the details they will need. I can't really do that until I get back to the states.
    Again I am just trying to get all my ducks in a row and get as much info as I can, so I can get this done with as few headaches and ut oh's as possible. Thanks again and please continue to give me all that you know about this believe me I do read it and listen. You guys know more than I do and I want to learn. Thanks again

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    What state are you or the truck in?

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    kwkracing, I am currently overseas supporting our wonderful soldiers, my truck is in Texas where I live when I am state side. I noticed that you are located in Austin, I currently live in Harker Heights. Maybe we can get intouch when I get back to the states. I would love to get your take on my little project Truck.

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