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Thread: Dave Ramair632 - expert rip off for $3000 plus dollars.

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    Dave Ramair632 - expert rip off for $3000 plus dollars.

    Dave listed a Donovan 700HC BBC block.
    The list price was $4000 I paid $3000.
    I asked him the normal questions- is this a standard Chevrolet crank (not Chrylsler or Hemi or...), standard lifters, standard cam diameter, location blah, blah blah... He answered all is Chevrolet except the raised cam.

    I did drive to Minnesota (Rochester) - Dave owns a local engine machine shop- 6hrs- spend the night- look at and measure the bores. But "dummy me" did not measure the crank bores....

    The block is an Oldsmobile format with larger mains and center (#3 main) thrust. THe block does have a standard rear BBC cap and oil pump boss which further adds to the "deception".

    Based on the BBC label and his word, I ordered the crank and rods on my drive back from Rochester (summer is almost here) - the standard BBC crank arrived this past week balanced and ready to go.... $1600 plus balance cost, one set of Oliver rods. Based on the "plan" my boat (26ft Cat- 125mph) motor torn down and the block is sold/gone. I now do not have a boat to drive. I can not return the crank because to the machine work.

    The crank required is north of $2400 and 18-22 weeks out.

    While I looked at the block - the average person would not expect to check crank bores. Straight is my issue - but not Chevy?? If I ordered a Dart BBC - I would not expect to have to guess what crank it would require. When looking at these blocks it is the first question I ask.

    I have offered - give me my cash plus hone cost. Or give the Dart block he bought (Cast Iron) and the difference in cash.

    No response.

    If I do not hear from him- court will but for full losses. Block, crank, machine work, travel, lodging, meals and attorney fees.

    The agreement is quite clear- Clear description with no ambiguity.

    If anyone knows who wants this style of block??
    $3200 honed to 4.508" 11.1 deck, raised (+.400) cam, bushed lifters std diameter......

    Now it gets Better- Called Donovan. This Block is made for the US Navy and is only made in this configuration not any other. Dave new this - He just told be to bad- The add says BBC, the block says BBC - your problem.

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    Where are you at with this? Any developments so far?
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