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    money orders

    just sold some parts to a guy thats not from the same state as i am he said hes sending money order for parts. i told him wont send parts until money order clears. is there anything i should look for to make sure this is not a fake and i am getting scammed?

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    I would ask for a Postal Money Order. Or have him go to Wal Mart and send it through them. Then you can pick up the cash at your local Wal Mart.
    In God We Trust!! All others pay cash!!!!

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    X2, postal or WM, you cannot physically look at a MO and tell if it's fake, even banks have problems. Either way donot ship the parts until the funds have cleared or you have the cash in your hand and i don't mean cash from your bank, because if they later find out it fake they will charge you back for the cash.



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    Postal M.O

    I disagree with you on not shipping parts until A POSTAL M.O. Clears? I purchase & Sell all my parts accepting Postal M.O & have never had a problem.thats something every seller needs to be upfront about,Not after they recieve the funds..I have had that happen to me & it really pisses me off!!! I can assure sellers of one thing,you tell me I have to wait until a Postal M.O clears & I wont be buying your parts..Thats the reason I use them & Not Personal Checks..I guarentee your selling will go to zero with that policy---JMO

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    You and I and Dead on on that DEAL!
    When You send Me a POSTAL MONEY ORDER,Your Parts go OUT the DAY I Receive the Money Order!!!With a Phone Call with Your tracking INFO?
    They can be Checked @ the Post Office,if you have a Reason to be in Doubt!
    G 8)

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    Thanks for the info, i did recieve a postal m.o. and the post office cashed it that day and the parts where shipped same day, just wasnt sure because i know you can buy m.o about anywhere. so i will be sure in the future that it has to be a postal money order..

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