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    OK Guys-

    Time to get a title for my 60 Apache. Friend lost title and he doesnt remember prior owner's name so I need one to register this truck.

    So who have you used?

    Used Broadway title years ago; but their website suggests things are not going smoothly.

    Theres a place in Maine called "getnewtitle" not the greatest name but a well put together site.

    Just looking for a good recommendation.

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    Vin search through your local title bureau?
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    Hello, not sure what state your from.. but i know in oklahoma,we run them thru a wrecker service, it takes about 90 days,,kinda wright it up as a abandoned vehicle, from some rental property, and have it towed off,,its just paper work,,but it does work..hope this helps..Ray

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    Someone say Maine?

    Them guys are 60 miles down the road from me,never used them tho.Checked site,looked Ok to me.If you need any thing Scorp,and I can help,give me a hollar
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    In MISSISSIPPI if the vehicle was made in a certain year you do not have to register it with a title you just get an Antique Tag and then you do not have to buy another tag again for it all you have to do is get a yearly inspection sticker like my 67 and 68 chevys did not have a title and were still streat legal. But i guess your state is different. But hope you find a place to get a title man. goodluck

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