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Thread: Fighting Back At Scammers

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    If you send a US postal service MO...You are just asking to be screwed...I don't like Pay Pal...BUT if you send a USPS money order you have NO recourse...if you get no part!!!I will NEVER send one again...

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    Its called mail fraud. Go to Post Master with your half of the money order and ask them to file fraud suit on that address. Its a federal offense so they should act on it. I had one get lost and they gave me my money back. Has it been cashed? If so, it is also robbery.

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    I do not know if its been cashed but will check next week....Thanks for the info...was trying to give this person a chance to send item...if not I will do everything I can to expose add numbers and etc....Just have a real bad feeling...we don't treat people this way in my part of the country...

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    Get to the Post Office ASAP and have it researched. They will not refund cash for 60 days after date of purchase in case it is just lost. But they may do something different if you think it is fraud.

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    Seller still wont respond to calls or text. I checked the USPS fraud info on the net, you can file a scam/mail fraud there...I think I have all of the info that is required...isn't the web can find out everything about waiting until Mon. and will move after that....I know the seller still had not shipped the item as of Sat.AM

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    Am filing a mail fraud done

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    This persons add num. is 182366294...BBC 540 race engine parts ....think twice before sending POSTAL MO!!!HAVE all documentation if anyone wants it...wont answer calls or text..had money sent to his sisters address...whats that tell you...only knew that fact after I had sent money order...

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    Contacted the Dawson county PA DA well as the PA attorney general...was VERY pleased with their response...I thought they might just blow this issue off...however they said an agent would be assigned and they would get back to me soon...seems they take activity of this nature serious.. I have still not heard a word from the seller...

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    I must report that gladly I received the intake....3 weeks after the Money Order was sent...I have no idea what happen...This person may not have set out to scam people..he may just have been caught up in some issues...however he could have communicated what was going on and saved both of us a lot of trouble...

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    Been a regular visitor to RJ for quite some time. I'm trying to buy a 871 blower set up from add # 182578135.....He has been extremely hard to communicate with in all forms (text, email, phone calls). He keeps saying that he is going to call and he never does. I've had dialog with him again this morning via text message and again he says hes going to call but I have not heard from him.
    Is there a chance you can look into this guy and see if he is a scammer?

    Best Regards
    Bill Magas

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