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Thread: RE: RJ Please bar this scammer!!

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    RE: RJ Please bar this scammer!!

    Sold lots of vehicles and never paid RACING JUNK a dime. NICK CLAIBORNE from Albany/Monticello is nothing but white TRASH.. SEAN GENTRY/Gentry Racing Please someone give this guy what he deserves...............

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    We can't but YOU CAN.

    Everyone comes on here is complains about this guy- what would happen if everyone who was scammed banded together and contacted his local LE? Have you done that?

    Look at the Mike2124 thread- Local LE, the AG and the state prosecutor take action when there is a scam running and multiple people are involved.

    Someone needs to put in the time to get everyone together and go after him.

    If you ban him from RJ does he stay banned or just pop up with a new name- come on- thats not the answer.

    Work and REAL effort chasing this guy by the people who were scammed will get him.

    Cowards often find courage behind a keyboard. If you want to get personal, look me in the eye when you say it, and be man enough to deal with the consequences.

    Bullying whiny little scammers everywhere. Don't like it? Just keep crying.

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    Who was scammed and how and what ad number please

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    Quote Originally Posted by teamgrt15
    Who was scammed and how and what ad number please
    Seems that If you asked Who Has NOT been Hit with Nicks BS,the LIST would be MUCH Shorter!
    He did sent the Tack that was Owed,NEVER seen the Slicks.But,maybe 1 day,I will see Nick?!
    G 8)

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    Ad #1829139 This is his new one.
    In God We Trust!! All others pay cash!!!!

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    losers to the top

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