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Thread: Credit card scammers

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    Credit card scammers

    This is not a RJ issue, but something that happened to my dad last week. He is not sure how is card info was stolen, but Some gal at a distribution warehouse smelled a rat, and called him and asked if he had purchased 8000.00 in printer cartriges from his new address in Montana, he lives in Kansas City.

    He said no of coarse, and she locked down the order and had him call the athourities. The items were ready to ship from 3 states away in a UPS office. The cops rolled in and found that there was also a 58" plasma TV he had bought on the dock as well, 2300.00, same card. These items were ready to ship to the U.K. to the scammers new home. The address in the U.K. is a vacant building and they were probably gonna meet the truck there for pick up.

    They told him that had they not ordered the 8000.00 cartriges and went with 5000.00 or less it probably would have shipped out no problem. He has only used the card online and from a phone order, it was untraceable how the # got out. Now that would have sukked big time.
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    simple to stop

    any order not going to address of card holder , card company calls . card companys just have to put a program in place for mail orders

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    credit card

    I was just on jury duty for a credit card theft and fraud.The guilty party would basically be at a store of some kind and when a older couple would come out he would ask them if they wanted a discount at that store.They would agree of course and then he would submit forms for them to sign.He would ask for proof of age since it was a senior deal only.Most older folks and his targets where 65 and older would have trouble getting their license out so they would let him hold the wallet so he could basically look at their license.He would then slip out a card and hand them back their wallet.He would go to a store that was close and instantly charge up the card before anyone knew any better.There are so many scammers out there that dont want to work for a living its just crazy.

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    Re: simple to stop

    Quote Originally Posted by nopro
    any order not going to address of card holder , card company calls . card companys just have to put a program in place for mail orders
    In the 1st post it states " from his new address in Montana, he lives in Kansas City" so I take that as the scammer may have done a change of address.

    Credit card companies have different systems in place to try to stop this. Last summer my card was declined when I fueled up about 200 miles from home. Long story short my credit card company put a freeze on my account due to suspicious activity. They were right to do so. There were a couple of transactions totaling $6,000 in overseas charges.

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