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Thread: AOD help one more time Pllleeaaasse.

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    AOD help one more time Pllleeaaasse.

    Hopefully I didn't mess up here. I removed the front pump from my AOD to helicoil the stripped case. When I did this the gearing behind it came forward a little bit, and I'm not sure if it is all the way back where it's supposed to be, or if something came out of alignment and it's not all the way back in the hole where it came from. The gear I'm talking about has a red arrow pointed at it in this pic. The gear is stick out past the other rings around it about 1/4". Is this normal, or is it supposed to sit flush?

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    pull those clutches out that are around that drum. then take your hand and grab that roller clutch on that drum that you have a airrow pointed at, spin it and wiggle it, until it drops back down, what u are doing is engaging all the clutches in that drum, on the splines of the second drum. You will know if everything is in place if you put the front pump back in and as you tighten the front pump bolts turn the input shaft, if it ever quits turning stop, something is not in all the way, if it goes good, tighten the bolts down and make sure you have some endplay in the input shaft.

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    At first I didn't want to go pulling stuff out the front of the tranny, because I didn't have a clue what was back there. Finally decided that there wasn't much of anything mechanical that could stump me, so I took it apart. There was a washer that had came out of its home, and a few of the plates weren't engaged where they were supposed to be. Stood it on end (was taking it apart laying flat...didn't know it was supposed to be stood up) and I'm putting it all back together. Wasn't near as bad as I thought a transmission would be inside.

    Even inspired me to go find a junk tranny and try my hand at rebuilding one sometime in the near future. I've already got most of the tools in my shop to do it, and it's the last thing on a vehicle that I haven't tried to rebuild.


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    AOD's > piece of cake, glad your got it back right.

    Trannys can be intimdating like you mentioned, but if you take one thing out at a time and lay them in order, it's really no big deal if you pay attention and don't get in a hurry.

    I know several excellent tranny guys who dont exactly follow the above routine, but they've been doing it's so long it's second nature to them - to watch them in action scares me to

    A dab or vasoline will hold them thrust bearings in place while your assembling the goods.

    After you get good on them AOD's, try your hand at a A4LD or a AXOD now those are fun :shock: :wink:
    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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    Oh come on now dont throw him to the dogs that quick

    After 25 yrs of building trannys i would recomeend if you want to try your hand at transmissions and be a master of all to start get you a real good camera unless you have a photographic memory which most of us don't but think we do and thats what gets us in trouble but untill you get yrs of experiance and yes i mean yrs the camera will be your best friend and help you remember where it all came from and where it all goes back but won't teach you the tricks of how to get it there ! That part you will eventually figure out after hrs of cursing everything under the sun !
    Some transmissions you will have to have special tooling to do the job right and speaking of the aod it is 1 of them to reseal the apply pistons !
    But when you get to the point of knowing what you are doing and you figure out the fluid schematics and know what caused the failure and how to fix it you will make yourself a very healthy living in such proffesion :roll:

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