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Thread: Control Arm Replacement

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    Control Arm Replacement

    I'm going to replace the upper and lower control arms, spindles, springs on my 67 Camaro drag. Never having done this before, is there some decent documentation on the correct order to do it? Thanks

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    It isnt that hard to do. If the car has the motor in it, it's alittle easier. Put the car on jack stands on the subframe at least a foot high. Remove the shocks, remove the steering linkage from the spindles. LOOSEN but do not remove the castle nut on the lower ball joint give the spindle a GOOD wack with a hammer to separate the balljoint from the spindle (it should make a loud bang). Put a floor jack under the a-arm and jack it up until the car just starts to come off the stand, remove the castle nut and slowly lower the jack. You should be able to revove the jack, wrestle the spring out, and remove the a-arms.

    If the engine is out of the car you will have to compress the spring first.

    If you are buying a complete kit, a-arms, spindles, coil-overs, it sould come with detailed instructions.


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