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Thread: 9'' non race ring and pinnion ?

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    9'' non race ring and pinnion ?

    Hey guys, I bought a 9'' 3rd member with a 5.67 gear set off RJ just to test the et and rpm difference in the 1/8 mile from my 5.14. and if it works out I'm gonna change my gear set in the one that's in the car now because it looks twice as strong as the one I bought . The 5.67 I bought to test has a spool and a Motive gear in it and it's not stamped 9310 or 8620 but I think it is the 8620 by the #'s I pulled up and it does NOT have a after market large pinnion suport. it looks stock . question is will it hold up if I don't use my trans brake and just foot brake with a 670 H/P 2675 # car with a glide long enough to see if the gear ratio is going to work for me or not I only need a couple passes, { this one came out of a circle track car}
    Thanks Andy

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    Did any of the Ford 4X4 pickups ever come with a stock ratio of 5.67 ?
    It could be a 'street/circle track' gear. I believe the drag only's are quite stouter to survive the shock load.
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    Lot's of people run them, most gears are 8620's only the pro series are 9310's. I've bougth about 1/2 doz. sets from Quick performance, now running in some 4 sec. dragsters and 6. sec door cars. They are a little more brittle than a pro gear. The stock pinion support would be my only suspect if it has a drag racing spool. Some of the circle guys use the light weight spools and they will deflect on a hard launch. Take a look at the radious on the spool on the inside and out side of the spool flange if it's a 3/16" rad. instead of a 3/8" or 1/2"rad it could be dangerous for deflection.



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    thanks guys, and yea this did come out of a circle track car I pulled mine out today and it is the N series Moser case with 9310 richmond pro gears and MW Enterprise pinion suport and yolk with a very large spool. and that thing weights 30# more than the stock case. I just wanted to make sure I didn't oil down the track. I only want to make a couple of foot brake passes on it.

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