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Thread: Questions about an ad. (what would you do question)

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    Questions about an ad. (what would you do question)

    Looked at ad #1794425 it's an 2009 ATC enclosed trailer. Not much in the ad except e-mail for pictures. Well I sent the seller a message through RJ leaving my e-mail requesting pictures. The seller (a female?) sent pics and said the trailer was in "perfect condition" and what I thought to be strange choice of words said the trailer had never been "implicated" in an accident. The seller also said the trailer was part of a divorce settlement and she did not have a use for it.

    The pictures appear to have been taken in a dealers lot. I could not find anything out about the telephone number listed in the ad & no other number was given in the e-mail. Also the trailer is listed in Houston, Texas and she stated the trailer would have to be purchased through e-bay's vehicle purchase plan, which I know nothing about.

    I'm a Deputy Sheriff and this doesn't seem legit but, I could be wrong. I have the money to purchase a trailer so what do you guys think. Oh & I live 600 miles from Houston.....Thanks in advance.

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    When in doubt, walk away...
    If you think nobody cares, try missing a payment...

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    Standing right behind you

    Two flags:

    1) new member,
    2) posted email to bypass RJ email system to establish contact.

    Also peculiar word choice is ususally a sign.

    Email the seller and let her know that you have a relative local to her to come and see it and that you want to set a time.

    Bet is that its in another state or at some location where it can't be viewed. And if she says you can see it - then pay to send an inspector out.

    And welcome aboard.

    Cowards often find courage behind a keyboard. If you want to get personal, look me in the eye when you say it, and be man enough to deal with the consequences.

    Bullying whiny little scammers everywhere. Don't like it? Just keep crying.

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    Two choices

    RUN RUN RUN...... It is clearly a scam. Ask if cash in person is good? That will say everything

    Run Faster

    There are plenty of good trailes to had for a fair price. You will find the right deal with the right person.

    Good Luck

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    Boy , I have 3 different sourses to track a phone number and get no results on any of them , it is well hid..SCAM

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    Thanks for the quick replies.... My gut feeling when I first read the e-mail sent to me was, it's a scam. I like to think you can trust people but, some things about this ad seem "odd" and thats why I posted a question on here. I'm gonna forward the e-mail address to some Law Enforcement friends and see what they come up with.

    Thanks again, I'll keep looking!

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    Welcome aboard. Glad you came here first and checked around instead of after the fact, like so many do.

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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