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Thread: MSD Digital 7. P/N 7530T

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    MSD Digital 7. P/N 7530T

    My car came with a 7530T MSD which is the one NHRA specified Pro Stock cars must use because it has Traction Control Detection.

    I plugged in my laptop to the MSD and the Monitors are showing:
    TCD: 00:00
    PTS: 00:00
    RST: 18:20 (and its counting down)

    The help file says this is counting down from 24:00 to 00:00 showing the last time the ignition was reset by the Crew Chief. (who needs a special key...Beats Me)!
    I don't think its effecting my ignition but I don't know. Is this just a monitor that won't effect anything?I know if Traction Control is detected, the engine may be limited to 4000rpm until the ignition is reset or the TCD counts down to 00:00
    Why anyone would put this ignition in a Top Sportsman style car I will never understand.

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    The PN 7530T Ignition incorporates a unique Traction Control Detection (TCD) circuit. This software code monitors the magnetic pickup circuit for changes that would only come from an installed traction control device that would modify the signal from the mag pickup. If a modification is sensed in this circuit an Alert will be set and the status LED will flash a Code 4. This Alert will continue to flash until the ignition is kept turned On for 24 hours in order to reset. A 4000 rpm TCD Rev Limit is activated until the 24 hour TCD timer is elapsed or reset by an NHRA official.

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