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Thread: Another Glide question 2400 lb tube car

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    Another Glide question 2400 lb tube car

    First things first, I have a 70 Duster that I am putting together and will be using a BBC and I have a glide I want to use. I need to measure to see which I have, 1.76 or 1.8, but I want to switch to a turbo shaft because I have a converter for it and its better from what I hvae read on here. What is the best combination I have, the motor is a 454 nothing special but I want to build the trans the way I want it the first time. What is a stock case good to HP wise? anyother suggestions for the valve body brand? dont plan on using a transbrake, also need a good source for parts.


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    CHEVY in a MOPAR !! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Why that's BLASPHEMY !! and just plain WRONG........ :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    In all fairness, it looks like a fun project,especially the MOPAR BODY and COLOR
    to those who

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    Chevy in a Mopar? Sounds like a good idea to me. But what do I know? :shock: :wink:

    Only a rich man can afford to use cheap parts.

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    If you are using a stock glide output shaft you want to use the 1.76. The case is good for alot of power if everything is properly set up. I have had many blown bbc all steel cars with 1.76 stock gear sets and cases. I have used valvebodys from just about all name brands with no problems i can remember. Hughes, tci, coan, tsi,jw performance,bte....

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    Ouch :!: :!: ,

    Mopar Mark is gonna luv this application, good choice :idea:

    But back to the PG, measure the input shaft, if it measures 12 5/8" long it's a 1.82 , if it measures 12 7/8" long it's a 1.76 planaterie. You need to have a 1.76, because a BBC with eat a 1.82 faster than a hog can eat an ear of corn.



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    SOMETHING TELLS ME MARK AINT GONNA LIKE THIS!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

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    THe factory case will work fine. A stock 1.76 will be good if you run in the 9's or slower, 9.0's and faster I would invest in an aftermarket gearset. Remember that good factory gearsets are hard to come by, and not a bad investment to run aftermarket gears if you can afford it at any level. For any PG parts, Their valve body design is good, I would recommend a trans brake VB even if you don't plan on using it right away. You don't have to use it now, but will have it if you need in the future.
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    I agree that you should spend the extra money on an aftermarket planatary, i've seen them for under 700.00 for 1.80 straight cut. I also just ordered some stuff from TSR also, good to deal with. Stock case will be just fine as long as your not putting a bunch of power to it.

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    hey its a great idea with a bbc in anything!!! 8)

    dont be afraid to put a th400 behind it,i run in the 8s with mine in a tube chassis car...funner to drive!!!

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    I would recommend a complete tranny.

    For right at a grand you can have one shipped to your door ready to bolt in.
    Far cheaper than building one from scratch IMO and a whole less headache ordering parts, cleaning & re-assembling.

    BTE, TCI, T/S all have entry level powerglides that are rated for around 800 HP just shop around and compare.
    I ended up with a abruzzi racing entry level powerglide, they list in the classifieds.
    I'm very pleased with it.

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