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    I own a lawn service in s fla Im using 10% ethanol based fuel because its all I can seem to find. My problem is im burning my pistons and cylinder walls using this shit. My truck runs a lil shittier using the mix but my 2 strokes are scuffing pistons and walls reducing compression to the point of a rebuild and im talking just 3 months use. I use the proper 2 cycle oil for my applications. Now my friend who owns a 19 ft mako witha 2 cycle engine told me he needed a new top end. I was told by echo corporation whats happening is the ethanol is making the machine run too hot. Anyone got any knowledge on wtf is going on besides big brother blowing all our rides up so we have to buy new? :?:

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    Just about every gas out there, has the ethanol in it. Here in MN, you can buy NON OXY 92, for older cars, and some other stuff. Can you get non oxy?, which is no ethanol. You may need to fatten up your lawn equiptment as far as jetting otherwise.


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    Add some 2 stroke oil at the gas pump to your tanks .
    I also use marvel mystery oil!

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    Will also work with gasoline/alcohol mixes... some guys use Marvel Mystery Oil and claim it works the same... I have used both with good success.

    Alcohol Fuel Lube:
    Provides excellent lubricity for alcohol to prevent upper cylinder wear and fuel system corrosion. Not detectable by normal fuel test.

    It also...
    •Increases power
    •Reduces ring & cylinder wear
    •Reduces cylinder leakdown
    •Reduces valve guide wear
    •Reduces valve seat recession
    •Lubricates injectors and pumps
    •Provides piston scuff protection
    •Excellent rust protection
    •Reduces corrosiveness of fuel
    •Mixes easily in alcohol
    •Not for use with exhaust catalysts
    •Mix 2oz per 10 US gallons
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    i never herd of any problems like your having and all i run is cheap gas in my lawn mowers or snow blowers and i no other lawn service people that have not complained yet about the gas but im not saying it cant happened just never herd of it, i us the cheapest gas all the time and it contains ethenol in it too, maybe i will have to look into what is said in this forum

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    I just opened my latest race magazine and saw this advertisement for a new Small Engine Fuel from VP, that may help solve your problems...

    SEF94 Small Engine Fuel is a 94 octane unleaded fuel that provides easier, quicker starts for chain saws, generators, leaf and snow blowers, and any other portable gasoline-poweredequipment used for work or play.

    No Ethanol - Street gasoline containing ethanol often makes such equipment difficult, if not impossible, to start, because ethanol can absorb moisture and form deposits in carburetors and fuel systems. SEF94 contains no ethanol, making it a much more dependable and cost-effective solution. The unique properties of SEF94 also make it an excellent long-term storage fuel, allowing quick starts even after equipment sits idle for many months.

    No More Frustration - Whether you’re an outdoorsman, farmer, emergency worker, logger, landscaper or rural homeowner, you know what it’s like to deal with a tool that won’t work when needed and the inconvenience of costly rebuilds. With SEF94, that frustration will be a thing of the past.

    Bottom Line - SEF94 is the most dependable fuel on the market, saving you the inconvenience and expense of costly rebuilds while ensuring your equipment will start when it's needed at work, play or in an emergency.

    To purchase SEF94 or to find your nearest dealer or distributor CLICK HERE. To inquire about becoming a dealer, contact VP at 210.635.7744 or send an email to [email protected].
    I'm not hatin... I'm just sayin...

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    Hot dam!!!!

    That's just what I need, > a drum of specialized VP fuel for my lawn mowers/weedwackers.

    What are they going to think of next.
    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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    X2 :shock: :lol:
    No matter where you go, there you are.

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    I know a guy who claims he ruined his John Deer Lawn mower by putting race gas in it....That doesn't make any sense to me. Why would it hurt it? Is he full of Doo Doo?

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    Thanx for the replies friends. It apears to be happening with higher revving 2 strokes,chainsaws,weedwhips, and blowers. Theres 2 places in another town that advertise no ethanol added so ill be buying fuel there. Remember what I said though,that sh.t mskes your combustion chamber run hotter and in 2 stroke pistons and cylinders theres not much in the way of performance mods to rectify the problem. I do know a lil porting on the exhaust gives a tad more ponies to my 2 strokes now that they have stricter emissions,thank you all for the comments.

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